So tired... Woke up at 7.30 this morning, just sleep for 4hrs, had difficult exam, starving in the exam and even after the exam, but a little bit happy because I finished my exam and had a good time with my friends then we watched transformers 2, got home at 9.30pm, packed all the stuff because I'm going back to Indo tomorrow and going to move room too. So have to pack all of the things.
So u can imagine how tired I am... Even, I haven't finished now.
Got headache already, and maybe lack of blood coz I'm getting my period too so my head is really spinning. But still OK!

Talked to him... only for few minutes because the clock is already 1.10am,
and he made me angry.
Just few words from him and that's all, words that make me mad...
I know he didn't mean that. I know that is only for joking around like usual.
But, I just want to hear few sentences that can make me happy, relax, and enjoy our conversation.
Maybe because I'm so tired too so I become so sensitive..
And because I think that I won't be able to talk to him for 3 days and I miss him so I want to talk to him first...
I know it's always me that misses him every time.
I know he misses me too (or not? d*mn),
but I know he is not a kind of person that will say it easily.
That's why.. sometimes I feel that if he suddenly said that kind of things, it means that he really really meant it. But that..
Sometimes, I want to hear that words often. hux...

So we ended up angry each other,
I'm not sure he is angry or not...
But I'm sure he also pissed off.
I know I'm wrong too.. but... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
So, I'm off.. he's off. DONE!

GREAT! Really make my day! Huhhhh....
And it's 3.10 am, haven't slept. Got a flight tomorrow evening, still have to clean up my room for moving room and now....
not sure whether I can sleep or not because of this fight.
And he didn't text me. Ok... I don't know.
Tired... and got a bad headache.
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