I skydived!!! Finally!! At last!

After it got cancelled so many times because of the bad weather, my friends and I finally did it!
How was it?
It was AWESOME, fun, super exciting, challenging and a lot lot lot more.
It was worth with the price and the experience... you should at least try it once in a lifetime.
We all got a great feeling of it, precious experience.
If the price is not that expensive, I would like to go more and more. hehehehe...

I am too lazy to explain the whole activity, but the point is we arrived there 8am in the morning, did paper work, briefing, preparation, went up to the sky with a small plane, jumped for the free fall (30 seconds), flying in the sky, got the parachute opened for few minutes and then landed.

It was spectacular! Roller coaster is nothing compared to this.
If you like challenging and adrenalin things, you should try this.


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