Woot woot...
Just had a chance to take this pic of my yellow mellow mustard bag.
Well, we can't actually see the exact color in the pic as the color will change depending on the light effect.

It was mustard when I saw it on the display in the shop.
Butttt.... when there is less light or in the dark, it will be more yellow brown.
Hmmm... anyway, I still like it.
Ohhh and it's suede. I know I know.
It's the only disappointment of the bag cos it does not have leather material in this pretty color.

So what should I do? It's love at the first sight... again! :p
Promise will find a good suede spray to protect it.

The supposed to be color (like on the display)
Mine - pale yellow

Mine - yellow mustard ?

See, it all depends on the light. Is it cool or is it weird?
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