Nothing do to while I'm waiting for my friend to pick me up.
Going to Semarang for another friend's wedding.
Another friend also got proposed yesterday. Hmmm.... :s

Anyway, posting this to spend my spare-time. Travelling plan this year:

1. Korea in April with friends.

2. Philippines in June with boyfie and his friends.

 Definitely will do culinary there. I tried Philippine's food once in Cairns and I am in love. So tasty, so yummy, so delicious, so homey. Yum!

3. A friend asks to go to Greece and Turkey, if possible I really would like to go. In fact that his holiday plans, places and activities always amaze me hahaha...

Time to save money :)
Hi hi...
It's been a while since my last post... long time indeed.

Oh, 1st of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you :)
I thank God for everything in 2013, all of His blessing, His guidance, His plans for me and every little things happened in my life in the past one year.

Secondly, life has been very busy lately with the new macarons business here in my hometown.
Even though it's very small now, I hope it will be big someday. I hope it's growing slowly but surely.
Even though when I am not busy doing work, I will be enjoying my me-time. I admit that I do appreciate it more now.
It's hard to have time with yourself alone when you live back with your parents, surrounded by your dad's and mom's employees.
Somehow I don't find peace here, I don't feel homey but what can I do? I just need to survive it for now.

Besides, my business is going fine for now so it's kind of my motivation. I am getting more orders and more people know it better recently and I am thinking of opening another side-business.
I know it's too soon but at this age, at least for me, I can't just sit back and do nothing. Not that it's a stupid and reckless idea, I will surely think and plan it really carefully if I want to open one.

My mom said to me one day not to bake because the weather is really bad (bad weather is macarons' enemy), but I insisted and she said to me not to be afraid of what people say, I need to think about what I do, if it's not good to be done on that day then don't do it.

I was like 'what do you mean, mom?'. She replied, 'Don't just do work because you're afraid people will say you're jobless.'

I was like 'What? No!' I am not afraid of what people say. It's just not my thing to sit relax and do nothing when what I've done is not 100% perfect yet. People also say 'Do something you love, and you will love doing it'. EXACTLY! I love to bake so I love doing it. Even in a bad weather, even when the results are not perfect I still love doing it. And when finally I see the good and perfect results (even in a bad weather), it's a double satisfaction for me :)

So, I am still planning on what's next, searching and building new ideas, trying to realise it, keeping everything in order and making what I've done to be even better.
Sometimes, I feel I don't have time to think about anything else. In my mind, the only 2 things I concern now are to be successful and to travel a lot. Hehehe... still, travel is a list! (:

Ok, time to go to bed now.
Happy new year peeps once again, may this new year brings us luck and health and may we are all be blessed. 'Til next post!