I did manicure on Saturday for $20. What a good deal huh?
It was just across my work place but still need to make appointment.

The polish is from OPI - Purple with Purpose.
My purpose is to match my nail color for Cairns. Somehow, in my mind, the blue ocean will match with purple color. hahaha...

And I accidentally found this bag in tumblr. Love the wine color.
I think I am in purple mood :))

source: here
<3 this
Hmmm... Should I get one?

source: here

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Which one will suit me the best for my cousin wedding?
I love all of them >.<

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My colleagues were talking about this brand yesterday.

I am not too sure where this brand come from, but the bags are good enough and it is made from real leather. I heard mostly it's lamb skin and it is not expensive as other leather bags.

So I did a little research and found this lovely bags:

source: here

source: here

I love the buckle bag personally but I prefer the second bag's colour.
Too hard to decide.

Ohhh... ohhh... this brand is really popular in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, HK, Philippine).
They also have the Singapore stores which are in ION and Marina Bay and I am so gonna go there in my holiday soon >.<
What I like, what I love, what impress me.
All around the world! :))

source: here

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In the middle of what's app with my mom and we were not even talking about him before, suddenly she said...

Mom: "Btw, if he asks for gift from Europe later, tell him that you will bring 'something something' water (forgot the name) from Italy. It is blessed and popular, used for Songkran (Thai New Year) day."

Me: *seriously speechless

In my mind, I don't even think about giving any gift from Europe to someone who lives far away and not sure when I will meet him again.

step 1) Go to translate.google.com
step 2) Type in “pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk”
step 3) Make the Translation from German
step 4) Click the listen button or beatbox button
step 5) Dance

Too much for my age?

*source: Day-Date

I have a cousin wedding to attend on 27th May and I just heard that the theme is blue so as family it is recommended to wear something blue.
My plan to wear my great red shoe what my mom calls it 'super heboh' shoe is cancelled.

So now, I need to find a blue party dress as I realize the wedding is just next month. Well I did some research already here and I found some but not the best. *sighhh

After some fittings and asked some people which one better, the option goes down to:

The problem is:
- dress number 1 is not in stock yet. I need to wait prob until start of May to get it and to try it on which I worry if it is too late.
- dress number 2 is freaking expensive and I tried it on last time and what happened? Size S is too small but size M is too big. So I need to alter size M if I really want it.
- dress number 3 is from Asos so it's online and I can't try it on first.

Troublesome enough? 

Anyway, I found a pair of perfect blue shoe for the event. Say goodbye to my Red Alicante shoe.
Love love love this shoe so much since the first time I saw it.
I am ordering it now so hopefully I can get it before the event.

*pic from kryzuy

Ciao! TBC!