Well well well...
Today is the last day of this year.
Excited? Yeah.. so so...

Honestly, I don't know where to go with my parents and my sister tonight.
I am still confused deciding which restaurant I should bring them to eat for dinner. LOL!
Most of the good restaurants are closed due to Christmas and New Year events itself.
Moreover, my father wants to eat Chinese Food... that makes everything harder --"

Anyway, usually people will have their new year resolutions.
I am thinking of mine and here it is:
  1. Work harder to get some promotion and more salary. LOL!
  2. Pass my IELTS test (this is really really urgent and to be honest, annoying but can't avoid it. I will try to love it so I will pass it. hahahaha...)
  3. I really want to do this since long time ago: Going abroad with friends using our own salary, either for real holiday or just for long weekend. (I know it's a little bit crazy to go abroad on the weekend, like we get 100.000k/year salary but in fact we don't ;p). The place? I really want to go to Thailand, esp. Bangkok and Phuket. Well, I want Europe and America as well but those can wait after I really earn more than 100.000k/year. Argh, life is so hard!
  4. Have a boyfriend? I just realize that in the last few years, I always have this resolution and I did fulfill it. However, it will never last until the next new year so I will put it as my new year resolution again. What a shame!
  5. Ah, almost forgot! Diet! This is kind of bullshit because I always put it as my resolution as well every year. But, what can I say? To do diet here is so hard. Last time I lost almost 4 kilos already but now it comes back :( 
  6. What else? Hmmm.... just want to be a better person ^.^
Hope I will be able to complete all of them by next year.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you... and Good Luck for 2011 !! ( ;

This post is dedicated for my beloved Mom.
Today is Mother's day in Indonesia so I just want to share something.

M - O - T - H - E - R
"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold,
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell
A word that means a world to me.
by: Howard Johnson (c. 1915)

You deserve much more than words can say;
You make me feel I always will pray,

“God, please, be with Mom in a special way.
Give her Your blessings throughout the day.
Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay.
Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray.
Help her see the good of Your work; keep the evil away.
Keep her smiling; dry her tears, if You may.
Let her that whenever there’s trouble,
She can turn to You; You’ll help her struggle.
Let her know that here on Earth,
She’ll never know what she’s really worth,
But up there, up there in Heaven,
She’s guarded by an angel, no, make that seven:

Three on her right to help her hold on tight,
Three on her left to help her have hope in the stars so bright,
And one in front of her to help her see the light, Your light…

Please, let her know how precious she is
In our hearts even if we’re not showing this.
Let her know we’re always there
To help her out through our prayer.
We may not feel what she’s passing through,
But let her know we try our best to do.
Let her know that whenever she’s down,
We can feel it without a frown.
Help us se Your goodness through her,
Through Your words wherever we were…”

That’s my prayer for you every night.
May this give you hope in everything in sight.
And please, know that wherever you are,
Know that we love you and care whether we’re near or far…

*taken from here
Remember the Oroton wallet that I really want before?
I got it, as a present from my best friend.
She said it's for graduation, birthday and celebration gift as I lost my wallet too.
Arghhh... I am so happy. Have it for a while already but still so happy ^^
Thanks a lot, dear. Muach2...

Nothing much happen though recently.
Still go to work everyday but not too busy compared to few weeks ago.
Well, it's good for us so we have chance to talk and laugh more in the office.
Had Xmas Party with colleagues as well last time and birthday party tomorrow, but I don't think I will go cos most of my colleagues are not going :(

Many of my friends went back to Indo already for holiday.
Melbourne is so quiet for me now T-T
Anyway, some of my friends got job lately, think it was early Christmas present from Santa (:

My parents and my sister are coming to Melbourne soon for Christmas and New Year holiday.
Hmmm.... might not meet my friends for around 10 days, but we'll see.
I should enjoy my freedom first before all of those thingy schedules comes. hahahaha....

I guess it's a long update.
God, please please...
I only have one wish for Christmas.
Please, hear my pray.
Please guide me, bless me so I can give my best for it.

Well, maybe I imagine too far.
Maybe I dream too much.
Maybe I read too many novels.
Maybe I watch too many movies.
Maybe I am living in a fairytale world.

But, sometimes... I want to experience some random things that can be happened in this real world.
Random things that start something as well as random things that are started from something.
Like what??
Random things, like a gift can sometimes be a start point of your career-life.
Like someone that you meet in lift can become your partner in life.
Like camera, music, movies can really mean something for your life.
Like meeting a person who can greatly affect your life.
Can those things really happen in life?
Not only by imagining in my dream world.
Not only by seeing it in the movies.
Not only in my thought after I read novels.

Maybe I am referring to coincidence not randomness.
I want to feel it.
To feel the challenge.
To feel the happiness of it.
To feel the joy.
To feel the beat of your heart because of it.
To feel the excitement.

I think my imagination is obsessing and controlling me too much. hahahaha...