Your car is Japanese.
Your Vodka is Russian.
Your pizza is Italian.
Your kebab is Turkish.
Your democracy is Greek.
Your coffee is Brazilian.
Your movies are American.
Your tea is Tamil.
Your shirt is Indian.
Your oil is Saudi Arabian.
Your electronics are Chinese.
Your numbers - Arabic, your letters - Latin.
And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?
Pull yourself together! Copy if you're against racism.

I have got my iPhone 4 few days ago. I know it's so quick but can't do anything about it.
In fact, my father got it for free and he asked me to buy it here directly because there is no stock in Indonesia. hehehehe...

I am going to use it the day after tomorrow because I need to take care of some installations thingy to be able to use it completely. At the moment, I am still using Blackberry and the thing is I still want to use the Blackberry Service in the future even after I use iPhone makes everything more complicated.

Well, let's see!
Happy Birthday, Dear... >.<

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I am craving for iPhone 4 lately... and suddenly.
I am thinking to get it but in fact I am using Blackberry now made me think about it twice.
But, you know what?
Last Sunday, I met my friends in church and they told me they are using Blackberry Services for only $50 for a year. A year... not a month. Can you imagine that? I do need $20/month to activate my BIS at the moment.
Damn! I feel stupid now. hahahaha... But the good thing is that $50 thingy is not available in common stores. Ahhh....

That news is kind of relief and solution for my iPhone craving.
It means I can get iPhone using Cap and still able to use BB as well.
Ohhh... I know I am so greedy but I always get mobile phone for free in the past 4 years so I want to get another one again now... ;p

So guess what I do in the office?
Yup, I am searching for the best and cheapest plan for iPhone and now I get more confused. LOL!
So I ended up text-ing my dad asking whether he can get another free iPhone from bank in my hometown or not. Hahahahahaha....

Did I tell you that my father got iPhone 3Gs and Onyx for free last time and he gave the Onyx to me?
I hope he will get iPhone 4 again this time.
Oh Lord, please forgive me for I have sinned!
Something is wrong with me
Something is really going on in me
I lose my concentration
I get sleepy much more often now
I don't have passion to do anything
I am getting bored easily
I am daydreaming too much in the afternoon and even at night.

This is surely getting worse from day to day
And this surely brings bad effects to me and to others
I almost did a fatal mistake because I am not concentrating while driving

This is really not me
What the hell happen? I wonder why I suddenly become like this!
And... I hate this condition so much
I hate myself being like this.