Novi said, "People said you don't marry the person you can live with but marry the person you can't live without. And for me it's him, Ogi."

Happy wedding to Ogi and Novi!
It was a pleasure for me to attend your wedding and to witness this lifetime event.
Such an intimate, warm and tearful wedding.
Love the ambiance, the place, the food, the ceremony, the reception and everything...

Our wishes and prayers are with you :)

*pic is taken from Rica's Instagram
Gorgeous and elegant clutches from MNO.Logie.
Plus you can personalise it by engraving the metal.

*pics taken from MNO.Logie official website

Fiuh... finally I'm here back in Indo.
I know... I know.. I haven't posted anything recently.
I went to China on 5th April and just got back home yesterday.
Imagine the tiredness... Massive!

Didn't do anything yesterday except stayed the whole day on the bed, laid down, browsed the Internet and talked to bf at night. Even my luggage is still there... in my room's floor, abandoned.
Today is a bit better but I feel like I'm getting flu. Yesterday headache, today is blocked nose. Great!

Anyway, China is okayyy.... hahaha... I still prefer Europe :p
I went there with my mom, went on a tour. The tour was so big, 44 people in total which I think it's crazy.
It's just too big. Too long to wait for others and waste the time but what can I do? Anw, it passed already.

Seeing China today change my view and belief about China.
I used to think that China is dirty (well in some places, it's still dirty esp toilet).
I used to think that China is not worthy to be visited but in fact China has developed a lot.
They said it's because the government decided to open China 10 years ago to public, to communicate and to allow people to come in or come out... and it worked.
The country is so rich, the citizen are happy and proud to be Chinese.
Compared to Indonesia, I feel so ashamed. I can see many developments are still going on in China starting from building, road, public transport, market, etc.

They have tolls which are connecting the whole China built in just 10 years (to go in and to go out each city).
They have China Shinkansen which can run up to 350km/hr and it beats Japanese's one now.
They have the longest TV in the world in Suzhou.
They work out every city to have tourist attractions to attract foreigner.
And so on so on and so on.
I must admit they are success building their country.

However, even I admire it, I don't want to live there for a living.
I still can't stand it. I still love Melbourne better.
Ohh will be back to Melbourne soon to settle the unfinished business.


I... actually we, have been enjoying our time together since Friday noon.
Yes, he is coming to Solo to visit me. Yeay!
Spent quality time, ate good food at good places in a good time.

Not to forget, his favorite snack... that's what he said ;p
So, as a good girlfriend or trying to be a good gf, I made it for him... the American Rissoles.

Preparation :)
100 gr flour
3 eggs
1 tsp salt
250 ml milk (I use low fat)
1 tbsp margarine/butter, melted

4 slices Smoked beef, cut into small pieces
100 gr cheese, slices into small pieces
4 boiled eggs
250 gr bread crumbs
1 egg, whisked
1/2 lt oil

Cara Membuat Kulit Risoles (Outside):
1. Put flour into a bowl, add salt and mix well. Make a small hole in the center, add egg and stir in one direction until it's mixed well.
2. Add milk little by little until the dough is smooth and silky.
3. Add margarine/butter, mix well.
4. Close the batter with plastic and leave it for 30 minutes.
5. Use non stick pan and small heat.
6. Pour 1 big spoon of the batter and spread it evenly. Wait for about 2 - 3 minutes or until it's cooked. Do it until the batter is finished.

Cara Membuat Isi American Risoles Smoke Beef Mayonaise (Filling) :
1. Take 1 slice of the cooked batter, fill with smoked beef, egg cut, cheese and mayonaise. Fold it like folding an envelope. Do it the same for the rest.
2. Put the rissoles to the whisked egg, roll it into the bread crumbs.
3. Save in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
4. Fry by using medium heat until it turns brown.
5. Serve with mayo or chilli.

It turns out so easy and so yummy.
It will be more yummy if you put a lot of filling :)
The most important part is when looking at his happy face while eating it.

PS: literally forgot to take pictures when I fried some on Friday. Will take a pic later when I fry some more.