Oh no! I shopped again! Another bag!
Really, I should not open fashion blog and I really shouldn't stay at home too long on weekend. Danger!

But I couldn't stand for this one as the model is unique, pretty textured, nice color. Arghhh!
I bought it from Romwe and I got 20% disc for new member and free shipping.
Now you understand why I can't resist it?


I actually like the pink color more, but when I checked my wardrobe and I have some bags with similar colours so I decided to buy the apricot one to make my collection more varied.

Can't wait!
We had lunch one day... after a while as she was busy with her boyfriend's parents and her friend from Indo.

When we were eating half way, suddenly...
Ade: "Cia, btw, I am engaged! hehehehe..." (with a relaxed and innocent face)
Me: *blank but looking at her hands automatically
Ade: *she realized. "But I forgot to bring the ring, it's in my home."
Me: *stop eating. "Hah? Whattt?!! You're engaged? For real? Seriously"
Ade: *smiling "Yeah. hehehe..."
Me: "WOW! Congrats!"

And we had this conversation in how her boyfriend annoyed her for the whole week and when the day came, his graduation day, with his parents, he proposed in front of her house.

OMG! this is the first time I heard my close friend is going to marry.
I am so excited! I know, it should be her who is excited much.

And... this means that we are old already.
I am trying to improve myself.

Try to exercise routinely, swim and have healthy food on the weekdays but eat a lot on the weekend. hahahaha... maybe this is why I gain weight instead of losing weight when I do exercise.
I have decided to control my food starting from tomorrow, not for losing weight but to live healthy. And if I can get back to my original me long time ago? Thanks God for this.
Wish me luck!

Try to take care of myself more, especially my skin.
Used some skin products to make it brighter, more fresh and cleaner.
I am not sure if I really need it but who cares? ;p

Finding a new job? This is ain't easy anymore.
In fact, it is so hard but maybe because I don't put much effort on it.
Sometimes, I feel like quiting my job right away so I can breathe for a while and then looking for a new one with full concentration.
Am I going to do that? Of course NOT! I am too scared to be an unemployed person.
Why? Because I realize I am a shopaholic and I have a lot of bills to pay.

My friend once asked me 'Do u really want to work for others, live your current life by working 8-5, always waiting for the payday and spending most of it to pay rent and bills?'
DAMN! What should I do?

Try new things.

Hope can meet new people and new friends.

Try to enjoy the emptiness. Honestly? I am not sure for this at all.

Try to be discipline, try to find some ideas of business, try to see my future but not to think too much.

And I hope I can accomplish everything, one by one... slowly but surely.
It's 27th October today.
I had my birthday last Sunday..
Got a surprise from my friends - thank you.
Got a birthday cake, a lot of macaroons and 6 shots.
Damn! I am still not happy with the shots.

They're about 12 people there and they forced me to drink 6 shots of 50% alcohol drink.
Well, I don't mind drinking alcohol as long as it tastes nice but as far as I know there is no alcohol tastes nice.
I don't even know what the name of the things I drank last Sunday.
Even I asked for Tequila only, all of my friends did not listen to me --"

After 6 shots, it was 1am already and the fact that I had not passed out and threw every thing up, and even I still can walk straight was really good. I gave applause to myself for that. LOL!
But, you never know... right after I stepped my foot in my apartment, I went to the kitchen to drink a lot of water because my head started to spin... and the next second, I ran to the toilet, throwing everything.
Sighhh! Thanks to my friend.

Well, you can guess after that, I was dead on the bed and could not do anything.
The next morning, I had a really bad headache and my stomach was empty... HUNGREHH!
Lucky, it did not last long. I managed to drink Panadol, had lunch and thanks God the headache was gone.

On Monday, I got another cake and present from my colleagues.
Another tiramisu and lingerie for the present. Geez!
Believe it or not, it was a lingerie that my colleagues and I looked at few weeks before and on Sunday night, I dream about it. Gosh!

Anyway, thank you for everyone who celebrating my birthday.
Me love you long time! ;)
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and I want ya
And you want me, don’t ya?

Ohhh... how I miss the past,
how I miss that time,
how I miss you,
how I miss our 5 o'clock conversation.
Honey honey.... ^^

I want to write... but I don't know what to write.
Just another routine!
Love love love

I am afraid if Karma does exist.
This is why women can't trust men! LOL!
This is what makes women and men against each other. hahaha..


I feel that my brain skills has reduced dramatically since I graduated last year.
I realize that my current job does not need a lot of business or technical skills.
In fact that we are doing the same thing everyday makes me not using my brain more.

And suddenly, when I need to analyze or answer analytic questions, I am so screwed!

I told my mom about this and she forced me to drink Vitamin especially Fish Oil.
Okay okay...

Is that really a solution or getting a better job will be the solution?
I've been swearing a lot this week... A lot!
Seriously, these clients and this people make me become a bad person in 1 week only!

RIP Steve Jobs :(
You are a great man and we lost one of the best CEO in the world!

NB: Photo taken from Apple website
One of my friends is going to Europe on November and thanks God she asked me if I want something from Europe.

Aaaaaaaa!! Of course I do. It is much much much cheaper in Europe, everything!
Anw, I am thinking to get the Hermes Garden Party bag but surfing the web and I don't see any other colours except black and brown T-T

Inspired by one of the Account Executives in my office, she visited Melbourne yesterday from Sydney and I honestly love her bag. It was Kate Spade but I don't think they still have this model at the moment.
I was browsing Prada this afternoon and I found a similar tote bag, well in fact it's better from the material side. Of course, it's more expensive.

I know I know the model is similar with the Hermes one, maybe I do only like the common one?! sigh!

-- same with above, different colour --

Anw, my birthday is coming soon. In case anyone wants to give me a birthday present, the real thing in the above pics will do :p

NB: Pics taken from Prada website
OMG! I've been doing online shopping recently.
There are a lot lot lot of good websites there.
Where do I find it? From fashion blogger.

I am going crazy!

Here for you guys so you can enjoy the online shopping as well. LOL!
I am such an evil.

Chain Reaction

And most of them are free shipping worldwide. Be careful of the temptation!
It's October again...
woo... time is fast, isn't it?

May October be filled with joy, love, friendship, fun, halloween and luck!

Happy October all ^^