I am obsessed, by the watch.
How can that possible?
I am looking at some watch websites and straight away fall in love with some models.
If only the price is like one Fossil watch, I am planning to buy all of them. LOL!
I am so greedy and arrogant. Pardon me but I am getting crazy because this.
The thing is they are so freaking expensive.
I don't even expect the price will be that high before, I know it's expensive but not that crazy. Arghh!
So, I am confused now. Should I buy or not?
If I can only choose one, which one should I choose as I barely can't decide?
I love all of them. Forget the specification, choose the model first.
Ohh, help me!

I have a dream
A dream about you
But who are you??
Good news that my PR will definitely come out soon.
I am so happy of it because that means I can fulfill my pending plan which is looking for another job that requires PR, well at least the better one compared to what I am doing at the moment.
That means better position, better salary, better company.

I do have some companies inside my mind that I really want to work in.
Hope that everything will happen as I expect.
If not, I am thinking to move out from Melbourne first.
I will have 3 years after my PR is out before I need to go back to Melbourne and stay here for the whole 2 years in order to extend my PR.

I am thinking to go to China to study or go to Singapore to get a work experience there.
Of course I am more tempted to go to China.
In fact that you only need to learn Chinese and you can travel around Asia from there.
Well, that's what I see from my friends. I never see them studying, only travelling travelling and traveling.
On the other hand, I also want to keep staying in Melbourne and build my career here so by 25 or 26 I will be a successful career woman.
The obstacle is only loneliness.
Everyone is starting to go back for good and no one left here.
The one that still stay here are all couple so it doesn't make any difference.
I am still alone. Fiuhh...
Life is surely hard! I am gonna think about it very carefully before I make the decision.
Wish me luck!
Somehow, every time I listen to this song....
Only sadness is there...

A smile costs nothing but gives much - Anonymous

As I grow older, I am too lazy to start everything over and over again.
The real example is getting to know someone new.

I had this conversation with my best friend yesterday.
We talked about how we feel comfortable enough with someone and the next thing you know is you are stuck with him.

For me, I think this is quite true.
When you enter a comfortable zone, you enter the dangerous zone as well.
Why? Because it can be good or bad.
The good part is if the relationship works out and you guys go to the next level (officially).
But, how about if it is just stuck there? How if you get the bastard one and he just hangs you there and suddenly when he finds someone else, he is gone?

Today, at this moment, at this age, I feel like it is not a time for playing around anymore or to be like 'high school student' when you can easily be in a relationship with someone or when you can know others or introduce yourself to someone so easy.

It is definitely not the same. I feel like it's so hard getting to know someone now, especially new people.
What to talk, what's the best topic, how to act, what happen if he does this, what happen if I do this, etc etc.
And me personally, I am too lazy to talk bullshit or to start conversation for politeness.
And when finally I tried to start over with new people, why is it so hard?

Why does it become worse when I thought that we can actually talk and connect each other?
What did I do before?
Did I make mistake? Did I say something wrong?
Why is it so hard to understand guy?

I don't know how exactly people can act and pretend that nothing happened.
By looking at my surrounding, people tend to act normal and treat others nicely even when they don't like them.

Well, me personally?
I can't do that. I can't treat them nicely if I don't like the person.
I will truly act as I am.
If I don't like them or don't feel comfortable around them, I will tend to keep silent and not talk too much with them.
Even if they do treat me well and try to be close with me, I still can't stand it.
Is that my nature?
Is that good? While others can try to fake themselves and talk to them nicely instead.
Sometimes, I wish that I can do that kind of thing as well.
Acting that I want to be close with them, treat them well, speak freely, fake myself. hahahahaha....

Anyway, it's just too hard for me.
I am happy when I am sad too.

I hope everything will work out and happen as I wish :)

Me: "Happy mother's day, mom... hehehe... muach2..."
Mom: "Thank you dear.. I thought you forgot already. Anw, what're you doing?"
Me: "Hahahaha... going out to have lunch soon."
Mom: "Okay. Don't eat too much."
Me: looking at my phone's screen, staring, speechless. My mom.... hahahahaha....
Okay, so things are getting complicated recently.
Mungkin ini yang dinamain cobaan.

So what I can do is just pray and do all the best I can.
Hating myself because of my 'keteledoran' in such an important and urgent situation!
Should buy or should not buy?
Damn! I haven't shopped for almost 2 months or more, now my shopping mood is getting wild. LOL!
I pass Bourke St everyday which has so many tempting shops along the road.
How can I resist the temptation not to shop? T-T
And Zara is opening soon in Bourke St as well on July. Oh Lord!

Anw, I am falling in love with a jacket and two knits from Forever New and Portmans. 
And in fact, winter is coming so soon, I really want to buy it... the only problem is the prices are also good. *Sighhhh

It's time for Britain Got Talent again, this time is for 2011.
From all of them who did the audition, I like some of them.

Embedding video is not available; hence, I can only share the links from youtube.
Enjoy! :)