If you had a bad romance show the world your poker face, buy a new telephone, call Alejandro and play a love-game :D

Things that I should do after in 3 days, filling my brief valuable holidays to have precious moments with my dearest friends and families ^.^
I went to Prambanan Temple few days ago, Saturday to be exact. I went with two of my friends, Ono and Fani. Actually, that was the first time I went to Prambanan even I live in Solo which is pretty close to it but I never go there before. It's not because I don't want to, well.. actually yeah, there is a little bit of laziness to go there but the most reason is I'm not really interested to these things, temples, arts, histories, cultures. So not like me! hoho... Anyway, finally I went there for the first and the last time... if I'm not forced, I won't go back there again. hahaha... Sorry for being a bad citizen.

Okay, after I watched the temple with my own eyes, I can say that the temple is actually pretty good. It's amazing if you think that people lived long time ago where there was no technology and machine, built such a strong temple and it lasts until now. Imagine that they built it using their own hands, limited materials and limited time. I said limited time because of the history said so. You have to read the story behind it to fully understand the meaning of this temple. Anyway, it's worth to watch in fact there are more temples such as Sweu and Bromo temples. hehehe... The only problem was the weather was so hot that time. But, it's actually because it was located in Indo and Indo has tropic weather so it's usual to experience hot weather. However, hot is better than raining. hahaha.. I couldn't imagine if it was raining on that day. We won't get any good pictures and good mood :)

Moreover, I'm impressed because there were many other tourists inside, locally and internationally. Even I'm not a good citizen, I still feel proud if my country's tourism can attract tourists from many other countries. hehehe... So, thanks to my friend, Ono and Fani, because if he didn't come to Solo, I don't think I will ever go there. Also, thanks to Fani to accompany me too. hehehe... Ohh, almost forge, I have some pictures of our trip.. ;p

That video shows the current trend in Indonesia. I don't know how it happens but I just got the link of this video from my friend as well. And after I watched it.. I just can say Oh My God! hahahaha...

You know what? If you could look at my face when I watched this video, I am sure you will laugh to me. My face was changing everytime during the video played. Shocked, confused, laughed, stressed and finally I can't see the point of the video and why they did that. But, anyway.. it entertains me a little bit. I told you this first so when you watch the video, you won't be startled anymore. I don't ask you to enjoy as well.. I post this video here just want to share the new trend in Youtube. hahahaha... ;p
"If you woke up breathing, congratulation, you still have another chance in life. Never regret."
If you are Indonesian then yoi should familiar with the word 'kualat'. I don't know what the exact English word that has the same meaning as it but I find it in the dictionary and it said damned or accursed. hahaha... Hope those words are right or you guys will be misunderstood.

I don't find any appropriate pic so I took this one and it's good though

Well, lately, I experience this feeling and situation. And because of that, now I truly believe of this word's power. hahaha... It doesn't mean that I don't believe in damned before, but after it happened to me then I will never talk anything that I shouldn't say again. I am afraid of it now.

So, basically... the story is I once said about my friend's feeling and I say to myself that that kind of situation and feeling will never happen to me. Btw, for you who know me, it's not brondong case!. Brondong means you are in a relationship with someone younger than you (for women) and older than you (for men). hehehe... Back to topic... the point is just like that and now, those feeling and situation come to me. Damn! When I realize it, I can't believe it. So, be careful with your words. I hope this is the only kualat case for me. Please God, no more! I promise I'll be a good person.

*PS: will be updated about it soon (if any changes happens)
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*like the motto... LOL

Well, I am stressed and panic now. I am going to have another IELTS test this Saturday in Semarang. --"
I feel so stupid because I can't pass it just once after living in Melbourne for almost 4 years. I can say that I'm confused now, don't know how to do. I feel that I can do it but at the end, everything is just wrong. huh... It's not as easy as I imagined. After I take some lessons with my English teacher in Solo, I know what my weaknesses are. I hope that I made such an improvement already and be ready for the upcoming test. I don't ask much, I just need 7 for all. Even I got 7 in some parts last time, I am nervous again. Maybe it's because of the pressure. There is surely more pressure now because if I don't pass the test this time... I don't know what to do. On other hand, I'm afraid if I have to repeat the test again and in fact I don't want to do that. Who wants to do the test so many times? Urghhh...

I hope all the practices that I had done will be useful for me. This IELTS test is really really troubling me a lot. It's worse than exam. hahahaha.... And you know what? My teacher said to me this evening, "Why are you so relax? I am worried now. How can you not worry at all?" He didn't know, inside my heart and my brain, I am so stressed! Even, today, I don't have any mood to eat and any energy to debate my teacher. Usually, if he said something, I will always debate or at least defend myself. hahaha... but, today... I just left him and let him thought like that. So, I can only pray and put effort on it. Wish me luck! T-T

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I am craving for this Blackberry's case but why on earth there is no one who sell it? T-T
There are some choices of the colors available for this type such as white, black, fuchsia, green, ice blue and candy pink. I love ice blue and candy pink one. I am confused which one should I choose. hehehehe...

But, unfortunately I haven't found someone selling this type in Solo and not online as well. huh...

Oh my God! I opened my Facebook this afternoon and found out that my sister tagged me a photo. At that time, I am wondering which photo it is because I don't remember I had taken a photo with her recently. And... teng teng teng... surprise surprise! It was a photo when I was child, if I am not wrong it was when I still in kindergarten. hahahhaha... Imagine that! So it's 17 years ago. Olala... ;p
Time is surely flying so fast.

This is the picture that I am talking about....

Don't be surprised! He's my cousin and 2 years younger than me and that pink thing is called 'sempe'. It is kind of snack in Solo. I love it very much since I was a child. Yes, I remember it exactly that I always bought sempe when I went back from school with my mom. Ahhh.... It's so nice being a child, huh? No pressure ;p

Anyway, we are so cute yah? hahahahaha.... The fact is I have been fat since I was a child :(
I am currently in Solo for holidays.
And I can say the joy of being in Indo, especially in Solo:
Food, food and food. hahaha.... hmmmm.... yummy!
~ taro, cheetos, mendoan, pastel, tengiri, coffee, lento ~

I will update what I ate later on. Just wait for my post and I guarantee you will 'ngiler' alias drool :p

The most problem that I have by being in Solo:
I stay with your parents here so it means I have to know about my time. Not too late to go back home --"
How can I get used to it if I usually go anytime I want in Melbourne? Too bad!
Here I am again... in Changi. I feel like I've been in Changi so many times. Now, I can say I start to feel bored with Changi especially when I don't have any passion to shop or eat because shopping will be cheaper in Indo or it's better be done outside airport. Eating? Hell no! I am so desperate now to put my weight back. Arghhhh!!!! I am so jealous to they who can eat whatever they want and still stay slim :(

Anyway, I am in Starbucks now because I don't know where to go anymore. I am actually waiting for my parents because they are going to back to Solo with me. So, the story is I am coming from Melbourne to Singapore and then going to Solo while my parents has been in Singapore since two days ago. I put my flight on this date, not earlier one because I know if I put it earlier than today my parents will ask me to stay in Singapore for a while. I don't know why but I am getting bored with Singapore already. In fact, there are many things you can do in Singapore especially shopping. It is great sale here in Singapore but unfortunately
that doesn't attract me anymore. Should I say it fortunate or unfortunate? hahahaha...

 ~ two things that I can't live without: coffee and laptop to surf Internet ~

I am waiting for my parents to come from the hotel but they say they will go at 8am which is still one more hour to go. Grrrrr... I don't know what to do anymore. Ohhh.... I was with my friend yesterday in Melbourne's airport and I shared with them. I said, "I wonder if tomorrow when I meet my father in Singapore then I say to him 'Dad, I forgot to wear my watch. Let's buy watch first here.' " Wondering what my dad will do. Maybe he will slap me before he buys the watch for me. LOL! Should I really try? I really want Aigner watch or Dior? Ok, I think I am going crazy now because of this boredom.

Monash's results were out yesterday.
It was right after I finished watching Knight and Day movie in cinema with my friends. My housemate then bbm me that the results were out. Damn! I couldn't explain my feeling that time. Afraid, confused, happy become one. Few minutes after that, I got the sms from Monash because I did register for sms results. O...o... I didn't watn to open the sms there that time, actually... but I couldn't help. I was too curious. Luckily, I passed all the subjects, even I got good marks. I was a bit shocked because there was one subject that I felt I can't do it in the exam and I still got Credit for it. Thank you God! I am really really thankful to Him.

So, now I can say proudly that I am a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems major in Internet Systems and Information Systems. hihihi... ^^

I am really really happy... Now is time for the next step. PR and find a good job. Wish me luck... :)

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Well, first I can say that my post this time is a little bit not important but I can't help writing it because the topic made me thinking a lot since yesterday.

The story began when my friends and I went out for dinner yesterday. There were 6 of us, 3 men and 3 women. As usual, we talked and shared when we had our dinner. First, we just talked general topics like results that coming up soon, movies, plan for the rest of our holiday and there... we started to talk about woman. One of my boy friends then asked us who the prettiest woman in Melbourne is. Few answers and opinions were out of our mouth. Each of us had different answer. From this topic, I don't know how, they started to analyse ourselves. The men analysed the women and gave their opinions about us. I love to have a conversation like this but when I heard their (only 2 of them actually) opinion about me and about woman then I started not like this conversation. It was not like I was too picky or moody but I was... urghhh! I can't even find a proper word to express my feelings.

The boys said that between three of the girls there with us which were me and two of my friends, we were all different. And of course we are different, no one in this world can be exactly the same between each other. So, they said one of my friends which is my best friend was the pretty one. The other girl was the sexy one and me was the cute one. Grrrr... I never feel offended until now because of the 'cute' word. I already used to it as well but since yesterday I was thinking and damn... I feel offended. I feel inferior. I guess it's because of I was there with my friends and I was compared to them. I realize that I was not pretty or hot at all and I know that they are pretty. But somehow, I still feel sad because of that. I don't want to be called cute anymore. It's better not to be called anything rather than cute when you are with your pretty and hot friends. Maybe you can't imagine what it feels. If you are a guy, just imagine that you are with two of your friends having dinner together with your female friends and then suddenly they say, 'Woowww... your friend A is really handsome/good looking, and the other one is gentle/mainly... but don't be sad you are cute.' Hah! Can you imagine? hahahahahaha.... Maybe that is too hyperbole because cute is usually for girl but there are cute boys. --"

So just pretend that you are the cute one and you will know my feeling. The other thing is... after that my boy friends continue saying, "I will choose a pretty woman as my girlfriend in the first place, then the hot one and the cute one for the last." Huh! I tried not to feel sad but I couldn't help it. huhuhu... That time, in my mind, I hoped that not every man in this world has the same preference like my friends or I am going to be screwed. hahahaha... Is that too much? I concerned about it, doesn't mean that I am jealous of them or want to be called hot or sexy. And actually, what is pretty and hot looked like? Is it like Megan Fox? Or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Or Scarlett Johansson?

I know it clearly that I won't be able to be like them. I don't have the look and the body either. But, pretty? Everyone wants to be pretty. I wish I can be the one later on. I will try. LOL! I wonder that if a girl has the brain, has the attitude, has the inner beauty, can she be the pretty one? Or not? Fiuhhh... It's true that people say beauty is pain and no pain no gain. I guess I have to put more efforts to be (nearly) pretty or at least not cute anymore. And somehow I feel like I am still a child when they say I'm cute. But, when I told my mom about my feeling, she said that the place of the origin is matter. She said, "It depends on who said that, if they come from Jakarta, then the pretty one will be those who use make up because almost all girls in Jakarta wear make up. So, just learn how to use make up. Don't feel offended just because of that. You are sweet and elegant when you stay still."

Is that true? I wonder what does "You are sweet and elegant when you stay still" mean? Does it mean when I start to talk and move I am not sweet and elegant anymore? hahahaha... But, I don't really believe if it's my mom who said that I am pretty or sweet or elegant, because... she is my mother. No mother in this world will say her children are ugly or bad. But, anyway she lightened my day by saying that :)
Thanks mom... You are still the best of the best for me. hehehehe...

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Arghh... He is Spain's keeper and he is so sweet. I want one of him! hahahaha....
Listen and read carefully what he said and you will understand :)

Today is a tiring day for me. Really...
Last night, me and my friends had another sleepover time to watch World Cup 2010's Semi Final between Germany and Spain. There were 5 of us in my friend's apartment where we slept and 4 of us supported Germany. The match itself aired at 4.30am in here, Melbourne. Besides, it's not weekend yet and we especially I have many things to do today. I or I can say we planned to sleep first at 12am then wake up at 4.15 to watch the match. But, you know when you were with your friends and when you usually sleep at 2 or 3 am and even 4 am... and suddenly you have to sleep at 12am. No matter what! How can I suppose to do that? hahahaha... Maybe you can guess what we did then... We ate McDonalds, joked around, laughed, watched TV or just talked. We finally slept at 2.30am and woke up at 4.15am. Arghhh! I never do this much scarification just for World Cup's match. The most annoying part is Germany lost with score 1-0! Dyammnnnn!!!

If you follow up the news about World Cup 2010, you will know about Paul the Octopus for sure. It's an octopus that can predict who will win the match. I am too lazy to explain the way it does so just go to youtube and search for paul the octopus. hehehehe... The point is until now, its prediction is never wrong. Hard to admit, but it's proven. Still, I couldn't believe when it said Spain will win the match against Germany. I am so sad! If I knew that Germany wouldn't play good last night, I won't bother to wake up at 4.15am. OMG!

The good thing is then we had our breakfast. hahahaha... We are not kind of morning person so it is so rare to see us having breakfast together in the morning, outside our house to be exact. We went to Auction Rooms located on 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne. You can go there just by taking tram number 57 from Elizabeth St going to West Marybyrnong and stop at Errol St then you just have to walk a little bit. The food was fine, love the coffee, unique yet comfortable place and the service was best.

After we had brekkie, we went to IKEA. My friends actually accompany me to buy some furnitures for my new apartment and I appreciate and thanks a lot for that. Hehehehe... I know they are so tired as well. Btw, in fact, we ended up not buying any furniture in IKEA but in Clayton. hoho.. Imagine we didn't have enough sleep and went along the way to Clayton until evening. Moreover, the lady in the shop at Clayton was really super duper annoying! Grrrr....!! Now, I was really exhausted... guess I have to sleep soon because tomorrow will be another long busy day. At last, I got a bed already to be put in my apartment. Fiuhhh... I don't really care anymore when I bought it because I was so tired and I know my friends all were tired so just made the deal and went home. Fiuhh... Anyway, just want to share my story today. hehehe...

Yeayyy!! We got an apartment. Fiuhh... Finally. This one is a little bit expensive compare to other apartments that we inspected already. But for now there is no choice rather than being homeless too long. Anwyay, the apartment is on 22nd floor so you can imagine the view and how high it is if you look down. hahahaha... But, it's actually doesn't matter for me to get higher level or not besides ground floor. Another thing is the floor uses wood instead of carpet which usually people like but not me and my housemates. hahaha... And because of that as well, the price is more expensive than other apartments. Again, it doesn't matter for now. We'll live there for 1 year first anyway. Here is the floorplan:

Not bad, isn't it? Tomrrow, we will go to IKEA and ready to move on Friday. Still have may things to do until we settle though. Hope it will finish soon.

*pic is taken from MICM
This is not right
My feeling shouldn't be like this
I am not supposed to have this feeling
After all this time
Now... is really not the right time

Everyone asked
I can't explain
I don't even know what I should say
I am too afraid
Afraid of condition
Afraid of changes
Afraid of people
Afraid of myself

Please, don't ask!
I just want to pour out my heart in words
But don't want to talk about it
So, don't ask...

*pic by Raul 
*Happy though homeless - 1922 Berkeley Fire

Yeah, the title explains all.
I am homeless. So, the story is I am planning to move out from my previous house and move to city with 2 others. But then, by the end of June, I still haven't got any apartment so here I am staying in my friend's house for a while. I can say in this condition then you will realize the joy of having good friends. I mean... in usual condition, you won't realize it until you face some difficulties and you will love them more and more. Thank you dear! hehehe...

By the way, one of my friends in Indo said, "It's good to be homeless now. You won't get any chance to feel being homeless again. So, just enjoy it!" When I heard that, I was just speechless and shocked and said "What the hell?" hahahaha... But then, yeah... it's not too bad because I still have place to live. I even thanks to God that at least I have friends that offered me places to stay for a while. Besides, now, here, in my best friend's place, we   are enjoying our life. We talk, we laugh, we share, we eat, we cook, we make cake, we watch, we hang out, we fight, we are sick together with others as well. hahahahaha.... Somehow, it reminds me how we used to be house mate back then and how I missed those moments :(

Soon, I will miss this moment... after I move to my own new apartment. Anyway, me and my soon to be housemates are in progress applying for apartment. Now, we don't really care anymore about the location and the price. Ermm, we do care actually.. but we are too tired to stay in this condition even I am happy living in my friend's house. But still, I feel bad for staying here too long. So, the point, we now just look at the broad things, not too strict anymore. As long as the apartment is OK and the location is not too far and the price is still considerable, then we'll go for it. Wish we will get an apartment soon.

*pic is taken from here
Ahhh... Finally I blog again!
And the first thing I saw after I open my blogger home is my cousin's updates for her blog so I just click it. The post is about the nail polishes are giving away. Hmmmm.... I love nail polishes so of course I am interested on it. So I just read the post, click the link, open the source post, follow the instruction and post this my own blog. hahahaha....

So, here is the link if you want free nail polish as well. Well, you won't get it right away. They will choose randomly by the end of 14th July. But, who knows you are the lucky one? hehehehe... Here are the sample of the prizes:

Good luck! ^^