This time is about 2010 F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. It held from 26-28 March 2010 in Albert Park. I watched only the final race on Sunday.

The race started with Sebastian Vettel in position 1, then Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, etc. The race was pretty challenging because we got an accident already in the first lap that led to safety car for several laps. After that, there were some more accidents happen in the race, even it's not a danger accident for the drivers but it still made some drivers went out from the race. Many people supported Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton. I guessed they support Mark Webber because he's Australian, and Hamilton was good maybe but I don't like him. hahahaha...

For me personally, I don't really into the race yesterday even I love watching F1. I already like to watch F1 since Junior High School. The reason I don't really excited for the race lately because my racer is not there. huhuhu... I used to support Kimi Raikkonen. I supported him when he was in McLaren Mercedes and until he moved to Ferrari. But now, he is not racing in F1 anymore. I'm so sad. That's why I didn't have any racer to be supported in the race yesterday. I know there are many racers, 22 if I'm not wrong but still I can't support only one of them like I used to support Kimi.

Anyway, I got the good spot in the race. I could see the car clearly even it's too fast so you can only see it for seconds. hahahaha... But, it was so cool. The experience.... the sounds... the racer... the circuit. Finally, after so many years I can watch the real race. hahaha.. not only from TV. Ahhh.. maybe I should watch F1 since I came here 3 years ago so I will be able to watch Kimi. Let the past be past... :)
Who know he will race again in F1 next year.. hehehehe...

Back to the race, Vettel couldn't finish the race because he went out in the middle of the race. Firstly, people thought that it's his fault. A stupid mistake that made him splayed, but after all it's not his mistake. There was something wrong with his car, because it's suddenly shaking at that time and made him losing control. So, everyone stopped blaming him. hahaha... But, there was an incident that made Australian people crying...
When the race was just 3 or 4 laps to finish, Webber was accidentally crash Hamilton and made Hamilton from position 3 became 6. For Webber, he was in position 4 (if I'm not wrong) became 9. That made Alonso took the advantage and he finished in position 4. The first position was got by Jenson Button from England, then Kubica in second, then Massa in third position.

When it finished, me and my friends walked to the start position and got so many people were there especially from England because Button won the race. They brought the flag and sang British national song. Then... suddenly, the Australian supporters got annoyed and shout 'Just let them win because they can't win the fucking cricket'. My friends and I were shocked but then laughed out loud. That's so funny and smart. hahahaha... You know why? Because Australia win the cricket most the time beating England.

So, overall... the race was good, nice, challenging and in-expectable. I don't regret it though even Kimi was not there. hehehe.. I got the experience ^_^
Here I am, after playing badminton this afternoon... tired but fun. Now, drinking my Nescafe instant coffee,
with a nice weather outside and novel in my desk.
What a perfect weekend!

Talking about coffee, I love coffee so much.
I love chocolate and tea as well, but still heart coffee more.
Even though I know that drinking too much coffee is not good for your body cos it contains caffeine. But, seems like people don't care about that anymore because the fact is Starbucks are everywhere around the world and it is so popular. But anyway, no... I'm not addicted to coffee. hehehe.. I just LOVE it!

I like to drink coffee in the morning before going to school.
If I don't have any time, I will buy it on my way to school. There is a coffee shop near my house, inside Monash Clayton campus. hahaha... I usually drink mocha, but lately I like Latte with 1 sugar. I feel that Mocha is too sweet now. I don't like Cappuccino because it contains too many foam in the top and I don't like foam at all.

In Australia, I love Starbucks and Gloria Jeans the most.
Usually, I don't order hot coffee in Starbucks because I feel that their hot coffee doesn't taste really nice in my tongue. hoho.. I love Starbucks' Mocha Java Chip. Ah, their Signature Ice Chocolate and Hot Chocolate are the best. hahahaha... OK, that's chocolate btw... not coffee. I prefer Gloria Jeans for the hot coffee. 

Last semester, I bought coffee often when I was in campus (Caulfield). My friend, Andrea also like coffee so much. We used to go to Mama Duke, a cafe inside Caulfield campus. Their coffee is good as well, I still buy their coffee sometimes. We always order the same things. Regular mocha for me and regular latte with 1 sugar for him. Oooohhh... I miss that moment! I miss when my best-campus-friends are still with me.

I don't really know much about types of coffee before, but after I love coffee so much I know about it a little bit. Just the basic one anyway, such as mocha, latte, cappuccino, black coffee. Now, I'm curious about the types of coffee. Because I read so many novels and there are many types of coffee mentioned there. Lavazza, Americano, Mocha, Long Black, Double Shot, etc. So, here are some explanations about types of coffee :

latte                               mocha
  • Americano: A single shot of espresso with about 7 ounces of hot water added to the mix. The name for this coffee drink stemmed from an insult to 'uncouth' Americans who weren't up to drink full espressos.
  • Black coffee: A drip brew, percolated or French press style coffee served straight, with no milk.
  • Caffe Latte: A single shot of espresso in steamed milk. The ratio of milk to coffee should be about 3:1, but in Italia latte means milk, so be careful ordering one when in Rome.
  • Macchiato: A shot of espresso with steamed milk added. The ratio of coffee to milk is approximately 4:1.
  • Cappuccino: Usually equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk, often with cinnamon or flaked chocolate sprinkled on top. Some coffee shops will add more milk than that so that the customer will get a bigger drink out of the deal, but that makes the coffee itself far weaker.
  • Dry Cappuccino: A regular cappuccino, only with a smaller amount of foam, and no steamed milk at all.
  • Frappe: Originally a cold espresso, it has more recently been prepared putting 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee with sugar, water and ice. The brew is placed in a long glass with ice, and milk if you like, turning it into a big coffee milkshake.
  • Lavazza: Basically Lavazza is espresso. Espresso has many brands or types. And Lavazza Espresso is one of the most popular types. I read in a book, it said that only a melancholic man who drinks Lavazza. Lol. 
  • Mocha: This popular drink is basically a Cappuccino or Latte with chocolate syrup added to the mix. Sweeter, not as intense in coffee flavor, and a good ‘gateway’ coffee for those who don’t usually do the caffeine thing.
  • White coffee: A black coffee with milk added.

I really want to work in coffee shop and making my own coffee. *sighhh
Time for a movie.
I went to play badminton this evening and then we decided to watch 'How to train your dragon'.
This movie has a 3D session by the way. Want to see the 3D one, but it's quite expensive here :(
So, we just watched the normal one.

The movie is so good. Yeah, it's animation or cartoon or whatever you call... and I don't usually watch animation movie cos I don't really like this kind of movie. But this time, I can't say anything because I just followed others. Luckily, the movie is good. hehehe... The graphic effect is good but I guess it will be really good if you watch it in 3D. The story is good toooooo...!! I love the story even it's just a common story. Even everyone can guess the ending I think. hoho.. But, simple is beautiful right? Maybe because it's not complicated and confusing, we like it. Moreover, it's actually kids movie maybe... hahaha... So, just watch it and enjoy the movie!

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a young boy and the heir of the Viking chiefdom, but with one very big problem: a hero he is not. "How to Train Your Dragon' is the comical story of Hiccup's quest to hunt down the fiercest dragon, bring it into submission and, hopefully, pass his initiation. But when Hiccup ends up with the smallest, most ornery (and toothless!) dragon, what follows is a great adventure of the world's most lovable, unlikely hero and a most reluctant "beast." 
Animated feature based on the book by Cressida Cowell.

*synopsis taken from
Hey hey...
I watched Lady Gaga's concert in Melbourne yesterday.
It was so so so coooollll!
She is so rock! It's really worth it spending the money for the ticket, not regret at all.

It was in Rod Laver Arena, Richmond. And the stadium was so full.
Yesterday was the second show of her. The day before yesterday was the first one. I heard that she will come back again to Melbourne on April to do the third show, doesn't she? It's because the ticket all are sold out and there are still many people want to watch her. Even, yesterday, there is someone, a girl, who watched the concert 5th times. She went to all Gaga's concert in Australia. Crazy, huh? And Gaga knew about it, she said it and pointed at her yesterday in the concert.
The girl must be so happy. hehehehe...

Look at the pictures, look at how full it is and how amazing she is.

waiting for the show
When she came to the stage for the first time

Fire piano

The dress is so cool, can move and change the form

The end of the show
Just few sentences....
and it made me rolling back the time.
I guess I haven't been able to do 'it' completely.

WOW! I like this house, looks like combination of classic wooden and modern minimalist house ^^
and imagine, the snow... hmmmm....

Even though I feel weird about the way she/he stores all the clothes, but it's cool and funny. hehehe... 

God, please forgive me for I have sinned....
I skipped my boring two hours lecture for Bounty Hunter.

Yeahhh... My friend, Tomo called me this evening asking to watch marathon movies. You know me..! That offer was so interesting compare to my Information Network Security lecture. So, we (four of us) ended up watching 'Bounty Hunter' at 4pm and then 'The Rebound' for the next one. But, we only watched The Rebound for half movies because it's not really enjoyable.

Bounty Hunter is a good movie, it's funny and nice. Moreover, I love Jennifer Aniston. I think she's pretty, isn't she? Even so many people said her whole body is not real. I mean she does plastic surgery for her whole body. But, I don't care. Many actress do that! You want beauty, you have to put effort. In her case, money and pain for the surgery are. On the other hand, we are not really into The Rebound so we left when we watched half of it. Hmmm... it's actually a good movie, but we were tired, hungry and sleepy already that time. Besides, we watched The Rebound because Tomo asked for it, he wanted to see Catherine Zeta-Jones. I know she's hot. And you guess what, after the sex scene, he asked us to go home --"
MAN! Fiuhhhh.....

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his bail-jumping ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). He thinks all that's ahead is an easy payday, but when Nicole gives him the slip so she can chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo realizes that nothing ever goes simply with him and Nicole. The exes continually one-up each other - until they find themselves on the run for their lives. They thought their promise to love, honor and obey was tough - staying alive is going to be a whole lot tougher. ( )
Visa things, IELTS, PR, Master!
Enough to make me busy.
Plus all the activities this week and assignments are coming.
Aaaaaa.... hahahahaha....

I decided already. I'll take Master after I complete my bachelor degree which is in 4 months.
I'll take Master of Business Information Systems instead of Master of International Business or Master of IT. After many considerations and advices. hehehe...
I choose MBIS because it includes business and IT subjects. Moreover, I guess it's more useful compare to IB. And about Master of IT, I don't really into it when I read the handbook and the course guide. It contains a lot of IT subjects but mostly are about networking, security and programming. Unfortunately, I don't like networking and security things. Also, my intention to take Master is to more explore my business skills and intuition. So, I will gain IT and business knowledge and be able to combine both of them in working environment. Hopefully it will be useful for me when I'm looking for jobs.

So far, my plans are:
  • Graduate with Distinction average
  • Take Master after that and graduate Master by the end of 2011
  • Apply for PR while taking Master
  • Get the PR by the time I finish my Master
  • Look for internships for next Summer and next year
  • Get part-time job now
  • Apply for jobs when finish Master and hope I'll get the good one here.
I hope Australian Government won't change the rules again that can make me disadvantaged.
And I hope my plans can run smoothly.
Amin. =)

My Internet is so damn slow!!!
And it's only 16 of March. Still so long until the end of the month.
That means people in my house use a lot lot lot lot of bandwidths.
We got 100GB, so each person has 10 GB. And it never happen before, the Internet never become this slow on the date of which only 16.
So, I'm wondering what they do. If they only open facebook, msn, email, youtube... it won't be like this now.
Even I need 20 seconds to open the page for typing this post. Can you imagine that?
I hate it!

I know there are new people in my house,
and I see them in house so often.
Every time I'm in the house, they are always there. Not in the afternoon, evening, night, or morning!
Grrrrr.... Are they not going to school or what? How come they are in the house all the time?
I complain about it because if they are in the house so they will use the Internet.
Don't say I'm ridiculous! Because I always see them at least using the Internet everytime I'm home.
Some of them leave the door open often, so I can see the laptop so clearly. Streaming, playing, downloading, bla bla bla.... Huh!

Last month when I got back here, it was already in the end of the month. And yes of course, the Internet is so slow. I almost can't stand it because it takes too long to open some pages. Even Indo's Internet is better.
If this happens when the assignments come, I will for sure tell the landlord! Am I too mean? Huh!
For you who live in Melbourne...Chadstone will have VIP day on Wednesday, 17 March 2010, which is the day after tomorrow. So, I guess many girls and women already have their shopping list, including me and my friends. hohoho... For your information, Chadstone will open from 9AM - MIDNIGHT!! Ckckckckck...
And here is the list of the discounts.

I have been waiting for this since long time ago because I want to buy Cheap Monday jeans. I'm craving for Cheap Monday since last year, but I haven't got any chance. When I want to buy it that time, there is none of my size and the day after that I had to go back to Indo for 3 months. I don't really regret, because I can get it with discount tomorrow. hahaha... But, you know lah... I won't end up just buying only that jeans. I have some other lists as well, such as swimsuit, nail base coat and acetone, manicure sticker (dunno the exact name) and dress for upcoming formal dinner. For the last  one, I really really won't buy unless it's $50 or under. I hope I won't shop too much. Have to save money tough.

Ohhh... I desperately need a job! because I don't get shopping budget from my father. hahaha... So I have to save my money or get a job. And I like to work, but seems no offer. So sad... Anyway, I'm confused to choose which one I should buy. Here are the colors:

So, what do you think? Which color should I buy? Hope you guys can help me deciding. hehe.. Thx ^^
I'm really addicted to nail things lately. hahahaha...

And I found this video in youtube just now. I knew about this style of manicure few weeks ago. And I randomly search how to do it in youtube today. And I like it! So...
I will definitely try this, soon.
Before all assignments are coming and I don't have anymore time. hehehe... ;p

I am in the mood to stay at home today. Besides my friends are busy on their own.
So I'm enjoying my weekend, watching movies, reading books, listening to music, chatting, cooking, browsing for master course but no studying at all. Haven't felt guilty yet because it's only week 2. hahahaha...
And I'm in the mood to polish my nails. hohoho...
So here I am, browsing for many colors of nail polish and changing my nails' color as well.
So, this is color of the day :p

This is OPI nail polish, called 'Done Out in Deco'. It looks like gray in the pic but in real it's pale purple. So, I guess my camera never work well... or me? --" The right one is the real color, I took it from a website : )
I chose this color because purple is just so popular lately, especially for this season. Not here, not in Indo, not other places. Everywhere are purple.

Talking about purple remind me of my friend, Andrea. He hates purple so much. I don't even know why... and if I ask him, he just said that purple is a bad bad color. hahaha.. So you know what I'm thinking now? I'm planning to use this color for his graduation on May. I want to use purple dress or bag or anything but I realize I don't have any purple color in my clothes, dress especially and bag as well. So I just use the purple nail polish then. hehehehe... Enough to make him mad I think. What a mean friend I am! ;p
Ooohh... I told others about my plan, and it seems that my friends are going to wear purple as well in his graduation day. Can't imagine if that will really happen.

Ok, back to nail polish. So, isn't it a good color? hehe... at least for me it is.
I got a new shoe. hohohohoho...

Bought it few days ago.
So, the story is I went to city few days ago and meet one of my friends. Then we went out for a walk and find something for dinner as well. And after got food we went home, and we passed Bourke St, and I just asked her to go in to Rubi Shoes shop for a while for browsing. We don't even have any mood or desire to shop. hahaha... We don't even plan to shop. But, women... always have a mood to shop after seeing many stuffs in front of them, especially with the cheap price and SALE sign! LOL

Then... here we go! I looked at that shoe and fell in love. Haha.. I know my words are too much.
But, it's true! I already like it since I saw it for the first time. Then I looked around to browse other things but couldn't find anything better than that shoe. So, I looked at the price and it's hmmm... cheap enough but not as cheap as usual. Because there are types of Rubi shoes that only cost $25 for 2 pairs. That made me think twice. So I just tried it first, and it's so comfortable. The color was also so nice, it's like cream dunno the exact name. Besides, I haven't had any shoe with its color. hehehe... So, I asked my friend whether it's good or not and she said 'NICE'. Make me want to buy it more. hahahaha... Like you already know, I ended up buying it. And you know what? My friend also bought it. She couldn't resist the temptation of a cheap and nice shoe :p

The best part is when we were in the cashier... the girl said "Do you want to pay together? Because I think if you buy two pairs it will only cost you $15, but I'm not sure. Do you want me to check?"
I was shocked for a little bit, and yes definitely I want you to check it. And... it's $5 discount. uhuyyy...!
Me so happy happy....

These are the pictures, but it doesn't look really good in the pics because of the light I guess. Don't shock as well, because I know it doesn't look that good but what do you expect with $15 shoes? And I knew Rubi shoes are always weak as well, so after you wear it for several times, the shape will change. hahaha..
But, I still love it! :)

*Pardon me for the bad and unclear pictures. Because I don't find a good light. The right one is taken in my room, and my lamp is yellow lamp so it becomes like that. The color is not clear too --"
But, worth enough rite? hehe...

I just...

miss him so much..!

I looked for some news about today's thunderstorm in Melbourne few hours ago but it still not updated. But now.. there are so many videos and photos because the storm. It said that the storm is one of the biggest and dangerous storm in Melbourne. The storm and hail cause flood in many places in Melbourne such as CBD, Flemington, Prahran, South Yarra, etc. Many public transports are stopped, cancelled and delayed because they can't run it. Furthermore, Southern Cross station is evacuated because the roof fell down and the rain came through the hole. Flinders Street station iand its subway are also flooded.

Melbourne airport was definitely affected because of the storm as there was no flight at that time. Some people also reported that there is no power in some areas like Dandenong, Airport West, Flemington, Preston and Belgrave. Moverover, many people are calling for emergency services until now. Even the danger has already passed, there are warning of storm continued in some places for the next 36 hours.

Lucky, I cancel my trip to city. Fiuhhh... I can't imagine what will happen to me if I'm in city that time. Even, in the news... they said "People who don't need to come into the city... We'd advise to stay at home." (The Age)

It's so unbelieveable. What a 10 minutes thunderstorm can bring a huge damage and chaos to Melbourne!


NB: pictures are taken from
For you who live in Melbourne, maybe you won't surprised with this city unusual weather. LOL!
Just like today, the weather channel said today will be a sunny day with min 19 degrees and max is 27 degrees Celsius. And it is so hot in morning until afternoon. When I went out for lunch with friends, it's so sunny and hot. Many people use short, tank top, sandals, thongs, etc. Just like summer outfits.

Then I got home around 2.30, my room was so hot. So I decided to open my window. But, at 3.10 it became cloudy and a little bit windy. So I guessed, rain will come soon. Not until 10 minutes after that, Melbourne was raining so hard accompanied by wind and hail. ckckckckckck... I was shocked because the sound so scary. Looked like thunderstorm was hitting Melbourne. 
From sunny hot day to windy rainy cold day plus hail !! What a perfect city! ;p

Hmmm... and I'm thinking about the Moomba Fest that is showing now, it will be no one there. And sorry for people who were there when the hail came, it must be hurt :(
Even it is still raining a bit until now. huhuhu... Make me don't want to go out from my room. But, I have to go to city soon. Huh... Hope there will be no more rain or hail when I am outside tonight.
Hmm.. I think I'm a little bit late watching this movie just now.
Actually, not really just now. I watched it last Thursday in Village cinema with some of my friends.
But, I can conclude that I'm not really late watching this movie cos I still get some friends who haven't watched it yet too ;p

When I watched it, I talked to my friend. Lucky I don't watch it in Valentine's day.
I said that because the movie was so romantic and sweet (for couple not single) --"
hahahaha... and my friend agreed with me. Hmm.. do we sound so depressed?
But, the movie is OK lah... I'm not that into this movie, but I don't say it's bad as well.

The movie is similar with Love Actually, but I think this one is much much better. Because Valentine's Day is clearer, funnier and more interesting than Love Actually :)
So, this movie worth to watch but not to watch many times. Because one of my friends watched this movie 4 times already. I can't even imagine that! ckckckckck...

Here are the trailers, enjoy! I can't embed the video, dunno why. So I just give the url :)

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
I watched a movie called Hachiko two days ago.
It's a good and touching movie, especially for you guys who like dog so much.
This movie is based on true story. Japan story to be exact.
And I really like dog so much, and this movie was sooooo.... touching and sad for me.
I cried a lot when I watched it. Ok, not that much.. only in some parts. hehehe...
You will know and understand when you watch it. Uuhhh... I hate sad ending movie actually.
And I want to watch this movie since long time ago but can't watch it because it hasn't showed in my city back then in Indonesia and can't watch streaming as well because you know Indonesia internet connectivity. LOL!

You won't regret watching this movie! ^_^
Besides, Richard Gere plays here. He is a good actor (for me). Maybe because my mom likes him so much as well. hahahaha...


This heartwarming true story is an American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko. This very special friend would accompany his master to the train station every day and return each afternoon to greet him after work. Sadly his master departs one day, passes away and never returns to the station. Hachiko faithfully returns to the same spot at the station the very next day, and every day for the next nine years to wait for his beloved master. During his daily visits, Hachiko touches the lives of many who work near and commute through the town square. He teaches the local people love, compassion and above all unyielding loyalty. Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya station in Japan as a permanent reminder of his devotion and love.

*synopsis taken from
I'm in Melbourne.
Just arrive last Sunday and thanks God it's cold. haha..
So I can sleep well at night ;p
Have done so many things right after I come back.
The laziest part is cleaning up my room and unpack everything. Uhhh.. so tired!
Btw, I got my first day of uni yesterday, and it was quite well.
Even I was late in the first lecture at 12pm because I missed the bus and tried to get a train but it was worse, so ended up being late for 25mins and got all of the eyes of my teacher and everyone in the room to me. I will remember to stay still, waiting for the next bus next time if I'm late rather than trying to catch the train --"

But, I'm so excited to go back to uni after 3months holiday. Yaayyy! Feel so good and alive again. LOL! Meeting new friends and old friends. And thanks for no tutorial in the first week so I get 3 day off this week. hahaha.. Eventhough I got so many day off, I haven't got enough sleep. I think it's because I'm too excited in Melbourne so I feel don't want to sleep so early at night. LOL! Oooohh... and I went to airport again this morning to pick up my friend. It's actually because my other friend's compulsion but I don't mind at all. Hmmmm... Really not like me! hahaha... Usually I don't want to get up early (8am) to go to airport for picking up. haha.. even I never come to the morning class. hoho... Lucky don't have one this semester.

So.. going to sleep soon tonight! Got so many things to do tomorrow. Applying for IELTS, finding part time job, having lunch with friends, cleaning room (again), etc. Night!