My right eye is twitching the whole day.
Well, I hope everything will be OK cos some people said if it right side it usually brings bad things.


Anw, I am not in a good mood and I feel I am going to have my period soon.
I guess I am in a mess at the moment :(
My New Look? Lol!

Anw, what do you guys think?

I cut my hair in Rokk Ebony South Yarra which is freaking expensive for a haircut. 
But, anw, after 1 year... I guess it's fine.
The hair dresser is the Style Director as they have different type of hairdressers and of course different price.
One of my friend told me that I should go with at least the second best position instead of the junior one.
So, yeah... I chose him.
His name is John and he is really nice.
Additionally, it turns out that he has skills and good enough to cut my hair. LOL!

Regret? Nope!
I am kinda like it. 
I feel fresh and... cold. hahahaha...
Right after I cut my hair and stepped out from the salon with the windy weather, the wind swept me straight away. Brrrrr!
How many times I see this video, I am still laughing.
His expression is priceless!

Is there someone kind enough to buy me these shoes? *wink wink

It is booked!
I am going to cut my hair tomorrow *finger crossed
I did only cut my hair once in Melbourne (Seri) before app. 3 years ago.
I usually cut my hair in Indo as I don't really trust them here besides it is so expensive having hair-cut in Melbourne.

But, finally, I will give a try tomorrow After almost 1 year haven't cut my hair.
I also want to make it shorter so I can keep it for longer time while saving money as well.
Even cutting your hair is for fashion and appearance purposes, I still feel hmmm... (eman-eman) spending a lot of money for haircut.

Don't ask first where am I going to have a haircut tomorrow or how much is it.
I am not sure how much it's gonna be so let see.
Anw, I booked it at 3pm. Oh, forgot to say, I am taking my day in lieu tomorrow so I won't be in the office.
So excited! I am so gonna enjoy my day-off!
Time for weekend again, time for relaxing and running away from job's workload.
Yesterday, I went for cycling with friends. Lucky, it was a really nice and sunny day yesterday.
And honestly, that was the first time I went for cycling in Melbourne and after about 10 years since the last time I rode a bicycle. Jeezz... it has been a long time!

I went with 4 other friends. One of them has his own bicycle, so me and others ended up hiring Melbourne's bicycles. Yes, Melbourne provides bicycles to be hired around city.
We usually call it blue bicycle because they have blue as dominant color and fairly they are not cool at all.
We were also forced to wear helmet as one of the rules so we bought a helmet in 7/11 for 5 bucks.

And here is the route: City - Dockland - Southbank - Domain - Southbank then we walked from Southbank to my house which is back to Domain. LOL!

It was so much fun and tiring but it was all worth.

We separated after that as we all had our own appointment for dinner.
One of them went to Japanese restaurant near Richmond.
One of them went to J Cafe to have sushi burger.
Me and the rest went to TGI in South Yarra as we craved for ribs and steak already. hahahaha...
I think there was no point with the cycling thing as we gained so much calories for dinner ;p
Wait, we still had Max Brenner for dessert.

Believe me, I felt guilty after eating all of those food.
And today, my whole body ache yet I am happy.
Japan condition after earthquake and tsunami is getting worse.
Plus, the nuclear and snow issues make this country suffers more.

Let's pray for Japan!

How to make your life more cheerful?

I think I need some advices, urgently!
Today is labor day, a public holiday in Melbourne and guess where I am now?!

I am busy in the office while all people are outside enjoying the sun and watching the parade.
What makes my day worse, my friend just called me asking whether I am going to watch the parade or not --"

Remind me not to look for jobs related to stock market or hospital or whatever that I need to work on public holiday in the future. Believe me, it sucks!
I am not in a good mood now. REALLY!

I supposed to meet with 2 of my friends for brunch this afternoon at 12pm in city.
However, as usual, they couldn't wake up on time and the meeting is postponed to 2pm (which I am still not sure it will be exactly at 2pm or not).

Well, one of them, I have known her for several years already and I truly understand that she is not an on-time person. She is always late every time I have appointment with her and recently, I don't bother about it anymore. I am the one who always give way to her to arrange the schedule because I know that even I am the one who plan everything, it will be messed up in the end cos she is late.

So, I always ask her to decide what time we will meet (still, she will be late).
Today, I plan to meet her and another friend which I just go out with her lately and I still don't know her personality well enough. Today, it turns out that she is not an on-time person too.

The thing is yesterday I asked them to pick the time to meet as I know they will be late.
They said 12pm in city is OK and fine with them.
I tried to convince them again if they are able to wake up or not and they said yes 100% fine.
I didn't even set my alarm today and I woke up at 10.20am yet didn't hear any news from them.
So, at 11am I text one of them, told her to tell me if she is otw to city already.
Guess what she replied me? "Cia, I just woke up, can we make it 2pm?"


I called my other friend who I have known for a long time and no answer. GREAT!
I bbm her saying that it will be postponed to 2pm, still no reply until now.
I guess she hasn't awake yet until now.

Actually, I don't mind to make it at 2pm.
But, it's not only them who have life. Okay, it means I do mind.
I have life, I have my own plan, I have my other businesses.
If I plan my schedules already for a day and one of them is postponed because of stupid reason, I need to postpone and re-schedule all of them.
And just now, suddenly, another friend asked me whether I am going to help his house-mate to move house this evening or not. And I realized that his house-mate is actually asked me to help him few days ago.
I still have church and his schedule to move out is at 4.30 pm.


My original schedule for today is:
12.00: meet them - brunch
13.30: church
14.30: go to Thai fest in Fed Square - cafe or just hang around city
16.30: go home and help my friend moving house

For God's sake, can't they be on time just once?!
Ohhhh.... I met I met ... again!
hahahahaha.... After (what I thought) a sad fact few days ago.

Ah, made my Friday! lol!

Now, I wish if only I know your name.
As I can't have more entertainment for myself and because I love reading, I always bring novels from Indo.
Well, I understand that I need to read in English books as well.
I did... some times... hehehe...

So, I am going to get these books below from Indo. I do even look for each book's review in order to decide to buy it or not.

I Ordered My Wife From Universe - Stanley Dirgapradja

The Wedding Games - Fanny Hartanti

Crash Into You - Aliazalea

Alpha Wife - Ollie

 Grey Sunflower

Love in Rainy Days (I read some reviews for this book and sound really interesting)

Being 20 something is hard - Dewi Prawitasari

However, I need to wait for someone who is going to Melbourne so I can ask him/her/them to help me to bring it from Indo :(

Well, being patient is good. 
Mom: "Your father is turning 60 this year. Just realized he is old already"
Me: "Hmmm... I know" *yeahh... so fast, in my mind, he is still like 50
Mom: silence for a second
Mom: "When are you going married?"
Me: *cough cough cough "Whattttt Mom?!"
Mom: "Hahahaha.... just asking."
Me: "What?! How can I think to be married if I am not even in a relationship at the moment? And who always said to me not to get a boyfriend first before?"
Mom: "Well, I am just saying cos the topic is related to your father's age."
Me: "And I am still 21, mom..."
Mom: "Okay2... hahahaha.... I am just joking."
Me: *saying to myself - yeah yeah, a joke that almost made faint

I guess my mom wants me to get a boyfriend and having a serious relationship now. LOL!
Well, I want too as well if only it is that easy.
"Marcia, is that you? You looked different today..."

That was the first sentence that some of my colleagues said to me this morning.
Not "Hey Marcia, good morning" not "How are you today?"

Well, if you heard something like that, you will be embarrassed or happy cos it usually means good.
But, today, in my case, I don't think it means a compliment.
In fact, I think it means 'you didn't look appealing' but they said it in proper and polite way. *sighhh
That was what people in my department (only!) said to me.
The thing is I went to the kitchen after that to make some breakfast, then I met this guy in the kitchen.
He was from other department and I wasn't even too close with him.
And guess what he said to me.
Okay, he still said how are you bla bla bla, but after that he said...
"Is that you Marcia? You looked... different."

Damn! First thing that I did after I finished making breakfast and stopped having conversation with him was running to the toilet and looked at myself.

Am I really that horrible?
And I realized that I am that horrible today.
I didn't have enough sleep in the past 2 days.
I just finished my period yesterday which made me not fit enough.
And I had this dinner with a friend yesterday so the plan that I would be at home earlier and stayed relax was cancelled.
Even I got home not really late, I couldn't sleep until 12 and ended up woke up late this morning so sleepy.
So, I didn't have a chance to wash my hair and it was really really truly a bad hair day!
Therefore, I decided to tie my hair so it won't be too obvious if I hadn't washed my hair.

But, I guess I was wrong.
It turned out the other way around.
It made my hair worse as it was limp and really messy.
And you know what? I didn't put any make up as well today (well, I usually only use powder and eye-liner which now I realize it brings a lot of differences to your appearance).
Then, I met my friend on lunch. Note: unplanned!
When I waited for her, she passed me by until I called her name and she looked at me for one second from the top of my hair down to my toe and... "Cia, what happen with you?" *with shocked face

Damn... again!
The worst part was why when I didn't put any make up and didn't care how I looked like, I met these guys in my office's food court which I could say that they are not bad, with the neat and perfect suits/shirts, pants, ties and good-looking face.

Just remind myself from now on to wash my hair and (at least) to look OK every time I step out of my apartment.
Sometimes, after I watched Grey's Anatomy...
I wanna be a surgeon.

One day, after I read a novel...
I wanna be a writer.

Previously, after I looked at Sydney Opera House...
I wanna be an architect.

At times, when I saw a really nice picture with gorgeous couple and beautiful dress in it...
I wanna be a wedding organizer.

Once in a while, when I ate in crowded restaurants/cafe and had delicious food and coffee...
I wanna open a cafe.

Ohh... I am so naive! LOL!
I am back on nail polish.
Time for OPI - Ogre The Top Blue.

Not bad but not a common color as well.
Girls love it, guys hate it *sighh
What will I do in the next few years?
What and where will I be in the next 5 years if I do this or that?
What should I do to earn more money?
If I want to open my own business, what should I open?
Will I end up go back for good to my country?
What should I do to my parents in the future?
How am I supposed to take care of my parents if I don't have enough money?

My cousin who is working in Singapore at the moment thinking to go back to my country and starting her own business as well as helping family business.
That news makes my day even worst.
I am starting to think every possibility between here or in my country.

Ohh, how I miss univ-life!
Should I take master? But, I want to earn money too!
My manager is going to Indo tomorrow and she said she may go somewhere else such as Hong Kong and Singapore with her mom to shop. How nice is that?
Some colleagues of mine are also going to Vietnam and Thailand at the moment.
Another one is planning to go to Philippines and Hong Kong on September.

Damn! I want to go overseas too.
I am desperately want to skip this daily routines and have fun with friends.
I particularly want to go to Thailand, Japan and Korea.
Well, Europe as well... who does not want to go to Europe for holiday?
So, if someone is asking me now what I want the most... I am able to proceed my PR completely so it can be processed and me getting it soon so I can fly out from Melbourne and do whatever I want.

It does't mean that I want to run away from working life.
It does't mean that I will not come back to Melbourne and look for job again.
I just feel I want to enjoy this world and my free time first.
I want to see the world.
One of my friends said to me that I can work very hard first now and enjoy the good parts later when I grow up.
Well, that is true. I am not saying that I disagree with her.
However, everything will not be the same as you grow up older.
You won't be as fit as you are now and you won't be as free as you are now.

The fact that I'm getting bored with what I am doing right now is making me crazy.
All of my friends do come back to Melbourne already, but unfortunately it doesn't change anything.
So, now, I am thinking that it's not because of their absence I felt lonely recently.
And, maybe... hard to confess, but it's because of I don't have any special one to share my life with.