Did I tell you that I love my Galaxy S4 so much?
I've been using it for a while now and it's way way better than Blackberry.
I feel so grateful that I leave Blackberry now.

At least when I am lost somewhere, I will be able to open maps with my Samsung.
Well, iPhone is not that bad as well but getting bored of Apple recently.
Anwyay, I sold my iPhone to my boyfriend. I don't actually plan to sell it to him but he insisted want to buy it. What can I do then? :p

Back to Samsung. Need to admit that the screen is big. Once I hold it then I hold iPhone, it feels so different. But I still love it tho. The good thing to use Android or Apple products are it's so reliable, convenient and you have a lot of apps to choose. Besides, it is easy to download apps and most importantly everything runs fast including loading the home page for the 1st time.
I still remember when I used Blackberry, turning it on takes a while before the phone was completely on and ready to be used.

Til the next post then.
I think something is wrong with my eyes and my taste.
I thought Michael Kors' bags are not that expensive (well, as far as I know and based on my friend's bag). I thought it will be between $200ish - $400ish until I surf the Internet and see this bag... I love it!
When I look at the price, my eyes are dropping. Whattt?! Is it that expensive?

As I still don't believe with my eyes, I went to the official website... It's cheaper but only like $200 less, still considered expensive. 
The bag does not look tough tho. Not sure if the material is firm and hard or if it is the soft leather.

I also saw someone carrying the below in navy blue yesterday. Not bad and way way cheaperrrrr.... but it looks like a bit like Celine trapeze bag. Hmmm, actually... both of them look a bit like Celine, don't you think?

Oh well! I seriously need to be careful with what I see and what I like.

NB: all pictures taken from Michael Kors official website.
I know it's been a while since my last post.
I understand my previous post's title is 'til the second day',
but 2nd day, 3rd day, 4th and so on... I have no more energy to blog.
We always got back home really late between 11pm to 1am.
Our feet were killing us every day. We were super duper tired but it's all worth it.
We enjoyed every moment, every food, every heat in Singapore. I swear it's so hot.
I remember Singapore is used to be chilling and has just a perfect weather. Guess global warming is really happening.

Anw, my boyfriend went back to Indonesia already this evening. Sad? Of course.
8 days are too fast. And just because he went back, I have a lotttttt of time to do whatever.
In fact, I don't know what I should do. I will also have the whole day tomorrow to spend. Haiz....
I wish I can go back to Melbourne today as well.

Well, forget about that, now let's talk what we did this week.
We basically just eat eat and eat, walk walk and walk.
We were being a tourist for few days and it's so damn tiring.

Ohh... we also went out several times with our friend here.
Being with a local is always good, we tried new food, new things, know new places. Just nice!
Not too forget... we watched Fast Furious 6. Of course! And it's the premiere one, with the normal price. I have no idea how this works in Singapore, or is it normal?

Last but not least, we shopped. In Singapore, who doesn't?

00:00 now... Good night!
Been eating like crazy since the first day...
Guess I seriously need to be back on my diet as soon as I come back to Melbourne.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and til the next post :)

I love Emirates

I am going to Singapore in 2 days.
I hope Zara has updated their Singapore stocks as I didn't see any of these in Australia stores.

Anyway, will be in Singapore for 9 days with boyfriend (sadly he'll be there for a week only) and need to take care some of my father's business plan for one day (only.. ups!). So, there is no doubt that we'll go shop... Yeayness!

Hopefully I can find what I want there... as Zara is cheaper in Singapore, even though not much difference and only for some goods, but still... 1 cent is money.

Anw, I am after a pair of mid-heel sandals but guess need to try and see how it looks first... as my experience, every time I like Zara's shoes or sandals, by the time I tried it.... gone! I think twice to buy it.
Then, move to clutch. Well, apparently paper-bag looked alike clutch is a trend now.
Zara has it as well, called Basic Messenger Bag for EUR 19.95.

What color should I get? The red one is lovely, but I haven't had any sea green color bag. Or should I just go with the basic brown one? (doesn't look appealing tho)

I know, it looks like Celine's clutch or I can say Chloe too?
Well, not sure who copied who but Zara one is the cheapest one and we all know Zara one is not original leather. But consider for daily routine? Why not?!

Let see how it goes then :)
Good night to you my dear...
I'll see you soon :)

I have been addicted to these series since my friend aka my neighbour across the street copied some seasons to my hard disk, for a sake cos I am so free at the moment (forget this part).

Starting on season 2 for Nikita and still try to finish season 1 on Elementary.
They actually broadcast Elementary on TV as well but I'm so impatient to wait ;p
Well, try to watch and enjoy!

Been in Melbourne for the past 6 years is something.
It changed my style, my life and my kind of food.

Been here for 6 years, I can now eat mushroom and yoghurt. Ohh... also more vegetables, cheese and chili. Huahhhh...! I am proud of myself.

So at this time at night, I can't believe my stomach is making a sound.
Thinking to eat cassava chips but decided to be a good girl tonight, starting to eat healthy snack.
Opened my fridge and lucky I saw small boxes of yoghurt. This is the 1st time I bought proper yoghurt in my life.

And I actually like it.... hmmm, maybe people do change huh? Good on me.

Few years ago I said to friends that I don't like Bottega Veneta cos the design is so simple that doesn't make it that unique. In fact, it looks like my elementary school's handicraft.
Well, I am afraid I will need to eat my own word. I think it's a karma.
Sometimes, the simple one is the best one, isn't it?

I really don't mind if someone gives me this gorgeous collection from Bottega as a present? Oh, how I wish.

Traveling with Bottega? Why not?!

Maybe that's too much for a gift, this one will do :p

P.S: all pictures taken from Bottega Veneta official website.

Until the next post. Addio!
I am in the middle of nowhere at the moment.... of my life.
I am confused for what I want, am trying to find my identity.
I am trying to look for what I am capable of and what I should do for a living, for future.
And with all the problems in it, happens to me or to anyone who is related to me,
I sometimes think that 'why I don't have a life like her/him', 'why I don't have a job like them' or anything that human can think of a jealousy.

Thus, I look at my surroundings again, not too far, started from my close friends....
then I realize I am still a lucky person. At least I have everything I want so far, most of my plans work smoothly til now and I still live my life adequately.

There is a friend said to me one night, "You need to live your life 100%, either you have a job or not, either you are happy or not, either you have money or not, either you are in problem or not... I know it's not like you choose your life to be miserable but it is a life from God, you've been given a chance to live so if you do it 100%, you will find a way and you'll be helped."

Well, I am not a very very religious person but when he said that to me, I was like 'Dammit, it goes to my heart and to my mind!' It's maybe true cos what I do til the previous second is just complaining.

So for what I have and for my life, I'm grateful. I thank God and I will always be.

I am so sad sad sad and mad mad mad.
I don't know which one to blame, Indo or Aussie.

Okay, let me explain the problem here.
My boyfriend planned to come to Melbourne next week for holiday for about 7 - 10 days.
Well, Thanks to Australia Immigration in Jakarta that successfully ruined our sweet, short and romantic holiday plan.
They refused my bf's visa application. Yes, it is a Visitor Visa only.
Why? Because they said:
  • his passport does not have a lot of stamps in it (what the? it's a new passport. Geez!).
  • his family card is not strong enough to show his relationship with the family in Indonesia which made them think that he will not go back to Indonesia and will stay in Australia illegally.
  • his bank account's transaction or history is not stable even the total amount he has is enough for travelling and staying in Australia.
  • what else did they say? I even forgot cos it doesn't make sense. In conclusion, they are afraid that my bf is not travelling genuinely and are scared that he will stay in Australia forever. Dohhhh!!!!
Did he provide all documents required? Yes.
Did I sponsor him? Yes, I did!
Does not make any difference apparently.

In my experience applying a Tourist Visa, you can actually explain or even give argument when something is not right. At least you can actually speak to the officer and go through the documents together and if they need additional documents to support the application then they will tell us and we will provide it happily. Apparently, this does not happen in Indonesia or for Australia Visa. Sighhhh! 

So once the decision has been made, it is a dead sentence, checkmate and we need to accept with open hands and minds. You can't even request for re-appeal?

Don't ask if we tried to contact the department or not. Many times! And only 1 person replied to our email, maybe there is only 1 person working as a support there. And as expected, the answer is not helpful at all, it's just like an automatic answer based on the template they agree on.

What happen now? No more holiday plan as he can just come here next week, not the week after, not next month or not even the next 2-3 months. Why? Because he needs to work and do his project in Indonesia. See, how sincere he is to go back to Indonesia? I wonder if this kind of issue happens to a lot of people or not.
Next destination.... New Zealand?
Anyone? *winkwink

I am back to the kitchen.
Have been away for so long cos I am too lazy to cook if it's only for me.
Hence, I decided to make something for my sister instead so at least I know someone will eat it.

I made this mac and cheese as this is one of her favorites while I personally don't like it.
I still prefer carbonara for my taste.
Ohhh... and in fact my bf likes it as well and asked me to make one for him when he is coming (soon), so I should practice first, shouldn't I?

I used the recipe from here.
They give you the tips and the videos as well which is very helpful.
But still, when I cooked it yesterday, it wasn't as simple as I thought.

I made only half recipe and it can feed 3 people already.
Thanks God it turned out not too bad so I also gave some to my friend who live across my apartment.
And Thanks God my sister likes it, even she only said 'OK' not like 'Yummy'. LOL!

All gone by evening, even the pic does not look attempting. Yeay!
Must be better for the next round.

How amazing this view is?
I love traveling up there just to see this breathtaking view.