I always inspect and judge a house or an apartment based on the bedroom first.
I love the big wardrobe with the built-in mirror or at least the room itself has a full body mirror.
Maybe it's because I do have a lot of clothes and things to be stored in a room.

But anyway, in some movies, let say "Sex and the City The Movie", the movie shows Carrie's walk-in wardrobe which is amazing.

Maybe it is one of most women in the world dream of.
Who does not want to have such a big wardrobe with all of the expensive, luxury and pretty things inside? lol!

I found some design of wardrobes for houses or apartments. Love love love it!

Jesus, I don't know how to express my feeling... only by seeing a house in the website.
I understand there are a lot of beautiful and impressive houses around the world (worst, I can't stand myself not to admire it) and I always like houses things as I used to want to be an architect.

The house below is one of the kind that I like.
The house is designed by Victor Canas, I saw it from here which also links to the original post.

I am honestly AMAZED!
And it is only gateway house? DAMN!

Have a look at this:

I wish I can have something like this for my future house... long way to go T-T
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Time flies so fast.
Time flies so slow.

I don't even realize that today is July already.
Maybe because I don't really care.
It does not matter whether it's June or July or whatever month.
Many things happened in the few past weeks.
Too many things in my mind.

It is not a good start of the month for me.
Some bad things happened on June.

After all, to be success is not easy.
A lot of effort, a lot of thought, a lot of pressure.
And I haven't even closed to the word 'success'.

Keep praying, hoping and doing.
Kau disebut perawan sebab kau rawan dan harus berhati-hati.
Maka, saat kau beranjak dewasa dan tamumu mulai datang,
ibumu lalu girang karena "tamu" telah mengetuk pintu putrinya.
Darah merah melambangkan kesuburan lalu tuman datang setiap bulan.
Per 28 hari, lima sampai tujuh hari, apa yang terjadi?
Seperti ayam, telurmu dalam tubuh.
Ibumu bahagia, bersyukur dan berdoa. Lalu pesannya,
"Jagalah bungamu, jangan kaubuahi telurmu,
agar kau suci selalu hingga menjadi persembahan paling berarti bagi calon suami."
Pagar ayu-pagar ayu... sesuatu yang rawan sebab kau memang perawan.
Sesuatu yang harus dijaga sebab sakral adalah capnya.
Lalu kau menyumpahi dirimu karena kau wanita.
Tapi kemudian dirimu matang seperti telurmu yang siap panggang.
Kau siap menjadi pembawa generasi bagi manusia,
dan surga ada di telapak kakimu.

(kutipan dari Buku Dimsum Terakhir karya Clara Ng yang juga mengutip dari Tabula Rasa - Ratih Kumala, Grasindo 2004)