When I heard my friend earning enough money for living and be able to save by working in Indo, for one second I am thinking that going back for good later and working in Indo is not a bad idea.
But guess what happened after that one second, I heard there is a suicide bomber in a church in my hometown.

Did I really think to go back to Indo for good?

Lucky, no one else died from the incident except the bomber himself.
But, can you live in a place full of terrorism and feel frightened every time... every where you go?
Seriously, while I am able to stay in other countries, Indo will be my last last last place to live.
Memory is when I enjoyed going to uni, not to listen to the lecture but to enjoy the time with friends.
Memory is when we were all friends with a bit of drama but still close each other.
Memory is when we enjoy hung out together every time we had spare time.
Memory is when I had no burden but good marks in the end of the semester.
Memory is when I spent a lot of time with him.
Memory is when the weather sucks like today, I used to cover my body with my warm blanket and skip everything.
Memory is when we stayed over in uni to do the assignment the whole night.
Memory is when we decided to do the assignment in someone's house but ended up playing Wii.
Memory is when I used to yell at them who did not do anything in the group task and who were always late.
Memory is when my friends told me 'Don't be so fierce, lah...'.
Memory is when he called me every night.
Memory is when friendship was so beautiful.
Memory is when I can laugh and cry with my friends freely.
Memory is when we went out 'til late without worrying anything.
Memory is when one of my friends always called and saying 'Wanna eat?'.
Memory is when IT Students had a trip to Mt. Hotham.

Memory is when all of them has passed, people change, time flies and life must go on.
Forgiving and forgiveness is a process n isn't easy. As like other processes, it takes time. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, it's remembering but letting it go.
Merelakan tidak berarti melupakan, tidak memikirkan, atau tidak mengacuhkan.
Ia tidak meninggalkan perasaan marah, cemburu ataupun sesal.
Merelakan tidak berarti menang dak tidak pula kalah.
Ia bukan tentang harga diri dan bukan juga tentang kesan yang ditimbulkan.
Dan ia yang terobsesi ataupun tenggelam dalam masa lalu.
Merelakan bukan berarti membendung kenangan atau memikirkan hal-hal sedih.
Ia tidak meninggalkan kekosongan, sakit hati atau kesedihan.
Ia tidak berarti menyerah ataupun mundur pasrah.
Merelakan tidak sama dengan kehilangan dan jelas bukan kekalahan.
Merelakan berarti bisa menyimpan kenangan, tapi juga bisa mengatasinya dan melanjutkan kehidupan.
Berpikiran terbuka dan yakin akan masa depan.
Merelakan berarti menerima, belajar, menarik pengalaman dan terus bertumbuh.
Merelakan berarti merasa bersyukur atas segala pengalaman yang membuatmu tertawa, menangis dan berkembang.
Ia berkaitan dengan segala yang kaumiliki saat ini, di masa lalu dan yang akan segera kaumiliki lagi kelak.
Merelakan berarti mempunyai keberanian untuk menerima perubahan dan kekuatan untuk terus berjalan.
Merelakan berarti menuju kedewasaan.
Menyadari bahwa kadang kala hari ini bisa menjadi obat yang paling ampuh.
Merelakan berarti membuka pintu, membersihkan jalan dan membebaskan diri sendiri.
"The difference between successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather lack of will." - unknown
It happened that recently most movies have similar idea - falling in love with your best friend.
I think it is a popular topic at the moment in Hollywood movies.

While trying to avoid the clich├ęs of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie soon discover however that adding the act of sex to their friendship does lead to complications.

I watched this movie few weeks ago and I love it.
Even the story line is guessable and the point of the movie is common, I still like it.
Besides, Mila Kunis plays the main role. She is HOT! Even I don't really like Justin Timberlake but I don't hate him as well so this is an additional point for the movie.
I know that it's gonna be a happy ending and they will end up as a couple even they avoid and deny the feeling between both of them, but as there are many funny and sweet scenes... of course as a woman I definitely like it. hehehe... ;p

After all, I did not regret watching it at all.
What a cute and entertaining movie!

Ahh, the movie is intended for adult and mature audience as well, it has many many many sex scenes so never ever watch the movie with children :p
Bayangin gak kalo tahun 1945 udah ada Twitter?
Begini nih jadinya.... hihihi...
Lumayan nganggur, dodol tapi creative and tetep bikin ketawa sih...! LOL! ^^

We happened to go to rafting last week after it got cancelled few times.
We rented a big car which contained 6 people and drove for app. 3 and a half hours to go there.
The worst part was we had to be there at 9.45am so we need to go at 5.30am - 6am on Sunday Morning.
Lazy and sleepy!

Anyway, we made it on time.
The rafting was so fun!
It was surely such an experience in a lifetime.
The weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot) even the water was so cold, the wet suit and jacket were so smelly, the people were kind and helpful and the food (man salad) was fine for people who were starving. PERFECTO!

I really want to do it again but can't stand if I need to drive for 7 hours return T-T
Ahh, in fact that we bought it for $69 only while the original price is $200 is so worth.

It looks like the picture below, we don't have any picture in the water as we don't even think about getting a waterproof camera. We're too excited already! hahahahaa...

One Day is a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.

This movie reminds me of someone and some parts in my life happened in the past.
Well, it's not exactly the same as in the movie... 20 years, 2 people, sometimes together, sometimes not.
In my case, it may be only 2 years, 2 people, together, almost everyday. LOL!

When I watched this movie last week, somehow I can imagine and feel how Emma's (Anna H) feeling.
Being with someone for a long time, even you are not in a relationship with him is something.
The thing that you are comfortable with him already, the truth that you know him so well and so he does is something.
You fall for him, that's your bad luck.
It does happen in the movie... and it did happen to me as well.
The story that two pesons are more than friend but not a couple yet.

The romance, the feeling, the habit, the environment.
Even until now, I still kinda miss it sometimes.
Now, if I think about everything, me, him and us back then, if I can turn back the time, maybe I will really think about us, put effort to try it and not give up so easy.
Unfortunately, it's only in my thought dan 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur'.

The sad ending in the movie happened in my life as well.
But... I still need to be grateful that at least I am still able to keep in touch with him and we are still best friend until now.
I cannot also imagine if what happened to Dexter (Jim S) in the movie happened in my life. *knock knock knock #touchwood

Tomorrow is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
Am I going? Yes.
Well, I am not that into fashion thing but I feel like at least I need to attend once.
Just once, I don't think I want to go again though later on.

My friend said the event is only 1 hour.
The runaway is only half an hour.
So if you are late, there is no point you come to the event. hahahaha...

Anyway, I still don't know what to wear.
I even looked at my friends' pictures last year when they went to the same event.
Aihhh.... gonna explore my wardrobe tomorrow then.... or NOT!

Anyway again, I think I am gonna wear this shoe.
Love the heels! lol!

My friends played and talked about this song yesterday in our road trip.
The song is so catchy. Love it!

Enjoy ^^

Wake Me Up When September Ends -  Green Day

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my father's come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

summer has come and passed
the innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

ring out the bells again
like we did when spring began
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my father's come to pass
twenty years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends
wake me up when September ends
wake me up when September ends