Hi!! How r u all?

Almost a year since my last post. Time flies so fast.
What I did in the past year is basically living my life trying to earn big for the future.

I am currently in progress of making my own cafe. My own patisserie. Everything is still a bit messy now but hopefully it will turn out good in the end, in time.

I am currently engaged too to my boyfriend, after 3 years in a relationship. Hahaha... We will have our official family engagement in May and will get married on January 2017. Fiuhh... one step ahead in life.

Then, what else? Ah, we are also in the making of our dream house.

A lot of money we speak here. I know... I hope everything turns out well, I hope my business will be going well in the future so I can pay back the money I spend.

Living in Indonesia is a bit uncomfortable for me.

Maybe because when I get used to clean environment.

Here, first is so HOTTT!!! It's so damn hot! I am sure that it doesn't used to be this HOT before. Maybe global warming is indeed exist.

Secondly, people here are slow. They don't work fast like in Australia, sometimes I can't stand them watching how they walk, how they move, how they do something and how they work.

Thirdly, nothing in Indonesia is pure. You need to have your connections here, you have to have inside people if you want your problems done quick. When I think about it, when I think of a new leader who works honestly... I agree that this is a good start for this country to become something. But I don't think citizen are ready yet. Why? Because like what I said, most of Indonesian are working slow. They don't work effectively and efficiently. For example, when you apply for a new passport or driving license, the normal process can take 2-3 weeks even 4 weeks. But when you have inside people, you can get it in 1 day or 3 days. So let say we apply this honest process work, get rid all of the inside people, can you imagine how long the queue is for everything? And how long will you get your needed document? This is what get me thinking that I am actually not ready for a life like this. Sighh... but I have no choice for now.

Sometimes, I deeply regret that I decided to go back for good. I should stay in Melbourne longer and try to make business there. Market is definitely bigger there compared to my hometown. Well, lets work hard for now and I still hope that I will go back there for good one day.

Ciao and wish me luck!