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Feel so good here,
cos Australian have our long weekend.
It was actually yesterday on 26th Jan but luckily there is this rule if pub hol happens to be on the weekend then the next week day will replace it :p

So we have tomorrow off. Yeay!

Happy Australian Day, people! And as a ritual every year, they have the ceremony to respect the elders and the heroics, of course together with the shooting in Shrine of Remembrance.

*how awesome my apartment's view is! Love!
*pic is taken from PurseBlog

I heard once from people, they said buying Chanel classic flap bag as soon as possible (read: when the price is still as lowest as possible) is such an investment. I was like 'what? R u kidding me?'
Well, apparently it's true! There is even an article for it.

I went to Singapore last year, saw a blue greyish Chanel Classic Bag in Jumbo size, asked for the price and I think I remembered the shopkeeper said SGD5000 something.
That time, in my head I could only say 'WTH!' and inside my heart 'I am heart-broken'.

I keep falling in love with Celine bags.
In fact it's really hard to get the one you really want especially here in Melbourne makes me depressed.
Okay, maybe I am too much just for a bag!
But, if I remember that I've been craving for Celine bag for almost 2 years.... I think it's normal. lol!

Celine Pre-Fall 2013 Instagram

Anyway, their new summer collection 2013 is out and prob it's been in store already.
The Celine Edge Tote and Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag are the new collection from them, and it's gorgeous.

Rolled leather and satin ‘lunch bags (guess it can be a clutch as well)

Soft Trio Zipped Bag 

Celine Edge Tote
Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag

*Photos courtesy to PurseBlog
Did I tell you that moving house is a bitch indeed?
I've been moving 4 or 5 times since I came to Australia 6 years ago but I think this time is the most stressful one.

As time goes by, I have more stuffs and now I also have furnitures... plus my sister's stuff because she is in Indonesia for holiday at the moment. Can't believe she did that to me.
And poor me, there is no one helping me this time. All of my guy friends are not here, one of them is in Indo for holiday as well and one of them needs to go to India for work purpose. 
The rest? Went back for good already long time ago.

I booked a large truck already and 2 men to help me on the day. Can't really imagine how many boxes will be.
Currently, sure thing to move:

TV (old, big, heavy one) *sighh and the TV table
Washing machine
Double bed mattress plus base
Single bed mattress plus base
2 desk tables (1 big and 1 small)
2 desk chairs
A lot lot lot of boxes

Beside the stuffs, there are more things to be stressed of.

Start from the packing has been crazy.
Set up all connections in the new place including electricity, gas and water.
Cancel all the current services in the current place, same shit it's including electricity, gas and water.
Send the bond claim form.
Clean the current place for the final inspection.
Buy more furnitures. I still need sofa, coffee table and dining table. 
Trust me, finding the good furnitures that you really like with the cheap price at one go is not easy, don't forget the delivery too.

And imagine unpacking everything later just make my body aches already T-T
Ah, and no Internet from the day I move in until 6th Feb. Great!

Sorry for all the complains.

May God help me.
Wish me luck!
New season has come.
It's time for MasterChef Professional.

It's just week 1 but I feel the spirit is here.
I personally have not been cooking properly or even baking lately.
But watching the videos, looking at the pictures and reading the recipes from MasterChef is just.... unbearable.

I wish I have their pantry in my apartment, I will surely cook and try their recipes one by one every day.
Ahhh.. I wish!

Slow cooked beef in stout

Aromatic Golden Duck Broth Duck and Ginger dumplings with Otway Forest Shiitake mushrooms

Yabby tails Champagne butter and Yarra Valley Salmon roe
Quail two ways golden beets and pumpkin seed jus gras
Scallops with vegetable puree and apple relish
I am saliva-ing!! >.<

*Photos courtesy to MasterChef
Say 'hi' to my oxblood satchel :)
Love the color,
love the size,
love the embossing.
Like it much!

Tomorrow is the 15th.
Time for me to move on.
End of January is almost here too....

Wish everything goes well and hope I made the right decision.
Happy birthday to my boyfriend....

I wish you all the best!
Wish I was there accompanying you to celebrate this special moment.
Well, no need to be sad... it's a special day indeed for you.
Turning 25 is different... like your friend said, it's quarter of a century.
Maybe somehow u'll feel older? Let say more mature not older :)

Okay, time for wishes. My wishes for you... 
Hope everything works well for you from today onwards (life, job and love).
Hope you'll always be healthy in every way.
Hope you'll love your family more and more everyday and be close with them always.
Hope every plans that you make will be accomplished.
Hope you will be a better person starting from this special age.
And hope all your wishes come true!

Last but not least, hope you'll love me more :p

Enjoy your day, birthday boy!
Enjoy the cake and the simple small slim blue thing from me.
Hugs and kisses from here >.<

I miss my boyfriend.
And the fact that I do nothing at office atm and have no work to do makes me missing him more :(
Can't wait for March to come :)

*taken from instagram

*taken from Pinterest
Ehm... and Givenchy too :p
Hmmm... Been in love with Bottega's clutches.
Bottega Veneta clutch

There's a place that i knowit's not pretty there and few have ever goneif i show it to you nowwill it make you run away

or will you stayeven if it hurtseven if i try to push you outwill you return?and remind me who i really amplease remind me who i really am

everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?

like a diamondfrom black dustit's hard to knowwhat can becomeIf you give upso don't give up on meplease remind me who i really am

everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?

don't run awaydon't run awayjust tell me that you will staypromise me you will staydon't run awaydon't run awayjust promise me you will staypromise me you will stay

will you love me? ohh

everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?
2013 New Year's Resolution:

1. travel, travel and travel
2. holiday, holiday and holiday
3. quit from my current job and get a better job
4. earn a lot of money
5. hopefully can have my own business
6. stay and live in a new environment
7. make my parents proud of me (considering I am adult enough)
8. no more getting a boyfriend this year :p

My hope, my wish is so ironic. I want to keep traveling and holiday-ing while I do really want to resign asap from my current job even without any new job. I guess I am crazy!
Been in Jakarta for the past 10 days, spending my Xmas and NY there.
It was so lovely and memorable, thanks to someone and not to forget big kiss for my best friend :)

Jakarta is actually not bad after all. Maybe because I come at the right time, when a lot of people go overseas and out of town. The traffic is still there, of course. It's not called Jakarta if there is no traffic, but my friends told me that I was lucky enough the traffic was not as bad as usual. hahaha... and I was like 'what? okay' while I recalled that I was swearing a lot (in my head) on my 1st and 2nd day as I kept thinking the traffic was crazy and the rain did not stop.

2nd thing is probably because most of my friends stay in Jakarta now. It feels... I'm back alive. Time passed quickly, the city itself is crowded and live, I feel my life's rotation goes fast, a lot of things to do, shops open early and close late, and the night life does exists. 

Well every city surely has pro and contra. The safety, the comfort and the beauty? Jakarta is nothing compared to Melbourne. 

Anyway, in conclusion, I do enjoy my time in Jakarta... and I would love to come back to this city again (though the airport so sucks).

Now enjoy the pics.
Kue Putu Jumbo - super yummy!
Brunch @ Monolog
The Valley - Bandung 
French Toast

Bakmi Alok 
Christmas Dinner - Belly Clan
Happy New Year 2013, people...
Been busy enjoying my time and my holiday for the past 2 weeks :)

Am hoping everybody has a good time, welcoming a better year,
becoming a better person, spending time with the beloved one.

Greetings from Skye - Jakarta!
Happy Hatch Day, Ivan!