I am so confused right now.
Having no idea what's going on and how to act.
Don't know what to do because don't know the fact and the reality.
I hate this kind of situation.
I hate uncertainty!
Ohhhh.... I just got some photos from my friend.
The story is me and my friends took some photos using my friend's MacBook Pro. Just in case you don't know, Mac has really funny yet cute photos software. Hmmm... maybe not software, but you can choose the layout or the type of the photos you want. You can select sepia or black and white colors as well. I so love Mac camera.

So, we took some actions. Started from the normal face, ugly face, weird face, happy face and crazy face. We did use some of the effects too. I am not sure what the name of the effects are, but you can surely find it  if you use Mac. Here are some faces we made:

Daddy, I want Apple - MacBook, pleaseeeeee.....

"You keep on concentrating on the things that you wish u had, and all the things u wish u didn't have, and you sort of forget what you do have."

Do you know what hula hoop is? Hula hoop is toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. I knew this thing since I was child and I just know that it is children toy. But, in fact, I think that adult play with it too. Why? Because my housemate has this hula hoop thing and everyone who comes to my house play with it. They always get excited and play it so many times. I think not all people can use and play it because me, myself can't use it at the first time. But, because I saw most of my friends can play it, I feel that I have to try it. hahahaha... The other reason is because I believe that my waist can be thinner if I play with it often.

Look at them!

1st pic: Look at her stomach! Flat! What a body! I hope I can be like that someday :p
2nd pic: Isn't that awesome? Look at how many hula hoops are in her body and look at her body shape. NAISSS!!! : )

Wait! I played it just now and I made a progress. I can do it already. hoho.. Next time, if my friends come to my house, I won't be shy to play with it anymore. hihi...
I am at home, alone. Yeayyy! I know you guys are confused why I like to be alone at home. I don't know the answer too. But, somehow, sometimes, I feel want to be alone at some periods of time. When you are alone, either at home or room or whatever, as long as you love the place, you will free happy. Like me, now... I feel so free. I can do whatever I want without feeling ashamed. I know today is Saturday, which means it is weekend and it's miserable to be at home, alone! hahahaha... But, I don't care. I am not a kind of person who get stressed if he/she is alone, who confused and depressed when there is no friend on the weekend. I am enjoying my time by being alone. That's why when I knew that my housemate and her boyfriend were going somewhere tonight, I feel relax. The fact is that they worry, they asked me whether it is ok or not to be at home alone and she asked me if my other friends were coming or not. Thanks. hehehehe.. I believe that sometimes someone will need a time for being alone to enjoy all their time by themselves, don't they?
Just another cool video from youtube, especially for you who likes Time Crisis. Enjoy!

I finally got an ankle boot. Yesss! 
Trying to find it since long time ago. I bought it from Rubi for $40. Not bad, huh? Thanks for my house-mate by asking me and making me to shop. hahahaha... ;p

Here it is. There are two colors which is black and taupe. I chose the black one because it matches with any clothes. Moreover, I need black shoes because mine is so ugly already. Now, I feel happy and guilty because I spent money but having no job and income. I am sorry dad, I can't help to buy it! ;p
I made brownies yesterday as I don't have any activity at the moment. Besides, yesterday me and my housemates hold a housewarming party so we think that yesterday was the right time to bake a cake. I chose to make brownies because it's the easiest cake to be made. Actually, I gave her options between muffin and brownies and she chose brownies because muffin is common already. The results? hmmm... well, I don't expect more because the ingredients are different. The thing is my recipe is from Indo and I once made it in Indo and succeed. However, the ingredients here and Indo are slightly different. Even I tried to find Indo's ingredients here but I didn't use it all. I still used chocolate and margarine from Australia which I expect should be better. The fact, the brownies smelled so good and the taste was so good as well but because this is the first time I bake at my new house, I haven't known my oven well yet so I did a small mistake yesterday when I went to bake it. 

You can see the difference by looking at the photos. The first one (left)  has lighter color but the second one has better texture. hahahahhaa... I gave the recipe just in case you want to try it. The recipe is actually good enough, you just need to choose and buy the ingredients smartly :)

I am going to bake another cakes later.... Hope this time will be better. 

Brownies Recipe

Margarine 200 gr
Water 75 gr
Sugar 400 gr
Chocolate dark compound 550 gr
Egg 5 pcs
Flour 340 gr
Baking powder 2,5 gr
Chocolate powder 10 gr

Almond 100gr
Chocolate Chips 75 gr

How to make it:
1. Heat the margarine, water and sugar until it's boiling.
2. Mince the chocolate dark compound to small pieces. Put it into the mixer bowl.
3. Wait until the mixture of margarine, water and sugar little bit cod (app 3-5mins) then pour it to the chocolate, then stir it with low speed until the chocolate is dissolved.
4. Put the eggs to the mix step by step until it is well mixed.
5. Sifter the flour, baking powder and chocolate powder. Put it to the dough, stir until it well mixed.
6. Pour into the prepared tin, put the almond and the chocolate chips at the top of the dough and bake in the preheated oven in 150°C for 50 minutes.
Yeaaaayyyy.... I got my nail polish yesterday. I guess shopping becomes my stress reliever but I have to stop it though because it is costing so much money --" I  guess I desperately need a job.
Anyway, I tried it one of them already. So, here is the result...

You Don't Know Jacques by OPI

Is it good? >.<
Miss Universe 2010 was held yesterday on 21st August 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It was the 59th edition of the pageant.

The winner is Jimena Navarrete from Mexico.

1st runner up is Yendi Phillipps from Jamaica.

2nd runner up is Jesinta Campbell from Australia.

3rd runner up is Anna Poslavskaya from Ukraine.

4th runner up is Venus Raj from Philippines.

Miss Congeniality is Jesinta Campbell from Australia.
And Miss Photogenic and the Best National Costume is Fonthip Watcharatrakul from Thailand.

I impress with Thailand because they won so many times for the Best National Costume. How come? But I indeed admit that their national customer from year to year is really attractive ^^

Anyway, congratulations for all.... (:
Hi again...
I am here, in Melbourne, with uncertainty. I was busy lately, but with unimportant activities. Well, I arrived on Thursday and do nothing until now. I just went with my friends, ate, watched movies, shopped, etc --"  Sometimes, I regret and feel guilty because of that. I feel that I am not a good child for my parents, wasting their money for something useless. Fiuhhh...

But, life surely challenges me now. Everything is just started. No job, no school, no PR. Perfect! I know most people will face this condition. Sometimes, I hope that I will me the minor one so I don't need to face this. OK! I will stop complain. hehehe... So, the thing is the PR thing get harder and harder and my friend said that now it is possible that our applications will be terminated. Means that I won't need to wait for several years to get the PR but I have to go outside Australia because I don't have the right to live here anymore. Arghhh! I guess my wish to live and work here is just a dream. However, I still want to stay in Melbourne at the moment, so I won't go anywhere until my agent said that my application is indeed terminated. Now, I just need to find a job to earn money so I can say to my parents that I can support myself. Wish, pray and hope!
Well, I am going back to Melbourne tonight... Excited? Of course.
I feel like I left Melbourne for long time already and finally I will be back soon.
But, one thing that is unusual,
I feel strange, I feel that something will happen...
And I guess it's bad thing, if not then I won't worry so much like now.
Moreover, my mother said the same. She said that this time her feeling is unusual. She said that her feeling this time is messy. Mix of confused, afraid, sad.
And this is my first flight by Garuda Indonesia, usually I always go by Singapore Airlines.. is it the reason?
Because GA is not really safely-known.
I hope it's only suggestion. I hope everything will be alright until I reach Melbourne tomorrow.
And I do hope that my mother's bad feeling is just because she worries about my uncertainty of living in Melbourne because of the Permanent Residency thing and my unemployment. I do hope...

Dear God, please please bless my flights tonight and make sure that everything is safe. Amin.

I am in love with these colors. Time for OPI again... (:

Over The Taupe
*pic from here

Ogre The Top Blue
*pic from here

In My Backpocket
*pic from here

Going to buy it soooooonnnnn.... ^^
Wait for my pics <3 <3

taken from: ika natassa

If only every rejection that comes in our life also comes with a smile.
Sie werden nie wissen, wann dein Herz zu handeln und ob diese wahr oder vernünftig, was ich jetzt weiß ist... Ich vermisse ihn... :(
I found a source for us to differentiate the original version of OPI nail polish and the fake one! Here it is, taken from http://smaltiopi.blogspot.com/ -> thanks a lot for your post. Hope this will help.. :)

1. The COLOR
The most simple and easy to understand if the enamel is original or not is to see whether the color matches the name or not: this should be "Funky Donkey" which is purple, but it's a kind of blue instead => FAKE!
To check, put the name of the glaze on Google or here to see the original color.

The label written in front must be precise and not crooked.
  • watch carefully the character is written with a 5, because it is very special.
  • The letter is raised and a little rough, if you try to scratch or clean the bottle with the solvent, it doesn't ruin compared to the imitations that rubs off easily.
  • On the back, there must be 4 symbols, if they miss one or are not in the same order as original => FAKE! However, the disposal of old collections (before 2000) do not report the last symbol.

3. The BALLS
Inside the bottle of the original OPI, there are two balls, if they aren't => FAKE!

The original one is rough.

The top of the cover is rough as well and has a dot in the letter "P" of the word OPI.

Inside, the brush of the original one is not smooth, but serrated. But, in this case, the enamel of the old collections are different, but the imitation does not resemble anything.

The brush of the original one also has OPI word inside (You have to clean it to be able to see it).

5. The LABEL
Under the bottle, there are two types of labeling:

If yours does not have one of them => FAKE!

All the bottles have a number engraved at the top of the bottle, I could not take a picture of it because it's quite difficult to see. But, if you look carefully, you'll find it. If there is or is written rather than engraved => FAKE!

So, be careful to buy OPI next time, especially when you get it for cheap price. Just make sure you check the color first through the website to at least guarantee they have the same colors.
When your mom likes someone to be with you, everything is changed. Life is easier if it's related to that person. You will feel strange and weird because of those unusual actions from your mom. I experience it right now... I feel like she is not my mother. hahahaha... The old rules that always follow me since I was child are not applicable if it's related to that person. I kind of surprised. Usually, I won't be allowed to go out until night or midnight but then my mom said to me, "If only he comes here and you want to go with him, you can go whenever and wherever you like. I will surely ask you to go with him if you don't."
Whaaaaatttttt?! How come?

Even it doesn't happen now, she imagines and expects it to be happened. The results? I am so confused. I don't even ever imagine I will be with him. And recently, it's not my mother who said those strange statements or questions or advice. My friends both in Indo and Melbourne said and asked about that as well. What is actually happening to them?
Whenever you feel like you're bored trying, remember that failure is nothing but a way to success.

- Judy Wilhelmina -
As I promise...
Here is another extremely delicious food in Solo, even in Indonesia. I know many people from other cities love it as well, as it is indeed popular. This is what I call 'Heaven on Earth' -> *lebaymodeon

The cake is called 'Terang Bulan' or for you who don't live in Java maybe you will know it as 'Martabak Manis'. I don't know how to make it. I'll figure it out soon because one of my friends can make it so I'll ask for the recipe and try it. Anyway, you can choose for the inside filling. Usually, I love to put chocolate, cheese and peanut but some people don't like cheese or peanut so they can put anything else. One of my friends also likes to put banana inside. I wonder what it'll taste because I know another type of food that contains banana and chocolate inside. Hmmm...

I don't think this cake is easy to be made because as I saw the process of baking and making it, it looks so easy but I know it's actually really hard. You have to get used to it before you can get the best result. Moreover, the pan is not common, it has to be special-made. But, many people said we can use 'Teflon' or normal pan for making it. So... let's see! If I have mood to try it then I'll try to make one. hehehe... Don't know when it will be! LOL!

You have to try it! This is one of the best food in the world.
My song of the day

Break Your Heart

Woah Woah

Now listen to me baby
Before i love and leave you
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna decieve you

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I'mma tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. (x4)

Now listen to me baby
Before i love and leave you
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna decieve you

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I'mma tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. (x4)

Woah woah

Theres not point trying to hide it
No point trying to erase me
I know i got a problem
By doing this behavour

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I'mma tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. (x4)