I want these ksubi instead of mine. Hahahhaa...
I know I sound so greedy and not thankful.
But, I really love this jeans when I try it on but unfortunately my size is not there.
I found it in the Ksubi Huge Sale few weeks ago. huhuhu...
So, I ended up buying another model and now I little bit regret it.
It's not that nice after I see it again at home,
and it's not comfortable at all. I was thinking to sell it then buy a new one. LOL!
This is the picture of the jeans I want:

Then I found this jeans:

And I don't mind if I can get it because I love the color as well. Beside, I haven't got any jeans with this color. hahahaha... I saw it in online shop and it's cheaper than the one in store. I know it sounds strange because Ksubi can be AUD 300 something and this one is only 68. Hmmm... But, the second jeans is sold out already in that online shop. Now, I am thinking whether I should buy the first one or not. The first one is cheaper than the blue one. *tuing tuing tuing

I guess my shopping desire comes back already. Fiuhhhh....
I was so happy with those words
I was hoping that it was all true
I was hoping that he would still at least stay longer
I thought that everything will be changed a bit.

But, I know that I am being stupid
I knew everything
I knew what kind of person he is
I knew all of the bad sides of him
and I knew that he will forget his words after he said it 'that night'
and I knew that he was little bit drunk too that time
So I completely know that he said it because he was unconscious
I was fully aware that he would forget his words in the next morning
and I knew I shouldn't be touched and hope for something because of it
and I knew it... I knew those will happen.

But then I still hope that it will last
I still hope that he really means what he said
I still hope that it can happen even if just once
Even I knew if it happens, everything will be just the same
It won't change me or him
And I know that my feeling won't last long
Because it was broken once by him long time ago
So I guess it's just because of temporary loss.

Want to go... want to go....
But, the problem is the ticket from Melbourne to Indo is the expensive one. huaaaaa..... *crying
I need a break so this post is my break.

I am currently doing my assignment now. I mean really really doing it, not just bullshit.
It's due tomorrow at midnight but I still have some other assignments as well, so it's kinda forced my brain to work fast. The worst part is my brain is not that effective right now. Plus, this assignment is so so so hard! It's about web services. If you don't know about web service, just forget it! Don't even try to understand it. I am really sick of it already. Maybe it's not that hard for some people, but yeah it's very hard of me. I never learn about it and now I am insisted to make an application for consuming and displaying web service from Youtube, Yahoo and Flickr. Lucky, we have Google. I don't know what happen to me if there is no Google in this world. So, I ended up searching about how to consume web services and I found some really useful sources. Thanks God! At least I can do something so I can submit something as well. hahahaha.... I guess I really need to study hard for this subject because I really don't want to fail it and postpone my graduation. *knock knock knock

Today is surely a hard and tiring day.
I think these emoticons really show what I am feeling now and today.

OK! This is gonna be the last post for now. I promise!

Today, as if Wednesday is Chadstone's VIP Shopping Party to celebrate the 50th birthday. It is basically just same like previous VIP days. There will be up to 50% discounts in most shops. So, don't miss it!

Here is the discount lists. Anyway, I won't go because I don't have any mood to shop at the moment. I know it is so strange because I love shopping. But, it's good too so I can stay at home and save my money. Besides, I shopped a Ksubi jeans last week when it was in huge sale. I will write a review about it later. So, enjoy the day and enjoy the shopping, guys!
Yesterday, I had a really nice and meaningful talk with one of my best friends. I was suddenly in a bad mood last night because I got some facts that really hurt me. Besides, a lot of things happen lately both happy and sad things. So, I did need someone to share last night and thanks for being there, dear  :)

We chatted, we talked, we argued and we laughed last night on the phone. I think it was 2 hours call. hahahaha... Don't be shock. Women do love talking and gossiping. But, eits... we don't talk gossip yesterday. OK, maybe only a little bit. The rest was just about us. So, the reasons I need someone to share yesterday are....because... Lately, I am having really complicated feeling with my heart. I got meaningful words from my best boy friend (not boyfriend) that makes me happy. But, I got hurting facts as well from someone in the past. Maybe this is the one who made me so weird few days ago, plus that I got flu, so of course I have no appetite, no mood and just want to sleep. LOL. But, after shared everything... not really everything actually because I shared some before, I am getting better now. I get my mood back and I am thankful for it because I have to get its mood to do my assignments.

From our conversation yesterday, I got a phrase from her that is resounding into my head until now. I love that sentence so much. When she said it last night, I wish that 'someone who we talked about' really mean it that way. By the way, the phrase is "You are my priority, but not my intention". Hmmmm.... maybe if you don't know my story or my case, you won't understand how come those words can make me touched. *wink... So if you want to know, just contact me to get the story. I am just kidding! ;p
After she said it, she reserved it so it becomes "You are my intention, but not my priority". What do you think? If you were 'you' in those phrase, do you want to be in the first one or the second one? hahaha... As you know, I am happy enough to be you in the first phrase and that's why it sticks in my head.

Now, I am OK already. And you know what? After I have no appetite few days in a row, I lost 1kg already. But today, I ate buffet... at night! Aaaaaaaaa!!! Feeling guilty now. Fiuhh.... --" Anw, gotta back to assignment! *smooch smooch....
I am currently doing my assignments, but I can't help to write this post. Life is surely challenging me now. With a lot of things to do, many problems are waiting for me. I have to finish my assignments by this week and just for information there are 4 assignments to go and 1 presentation. Even I already finished some of them, the rest are killing me. Luckily, one of my assignment that due on this Friday get an extension. The teacher is being so kind to give all students extension until Monday 10am. hohohoho.... At least I get more time to do my another assignment. This one is so bloody difficult. I wish I don't need to take this subject.

Besides of those assignments business, I have IELTS exam coming up on 5th of June. Urghhhh.... Yeah, I don't pass my last exam. I got only 6,5 for the writing. After IELTS, I will have my last final exam in my bachelor degree. Hopefully this will really be my last exam.... Amin! I really want to graduate as soon as possible. But, I am confused as well what I should do after that. hahaha... By the way, the regulation for applying PR is changed again. It just came out few days ago and will be effective from July 2010. I wish the regulation will give advantage for me so I can apply PR easily. If that so, I will cancel my Master. But, the fact... the government doesn't know my problems and my concerns so of course they don't make it simple and easy for me. The rules become more more more harder for IT students. So, now... I really really don't have any idea how I can get PR here. I will surely get an agent to help me to apply for it after I finish my exam.

The last one is apartment problem. This is driving me crazy as well. I am planning to move to the apartment in city with one of my friends. We planned to take 3 bedrooms apartment because it's cheaper and her sister is coming here as well soon. But, because of that we have to find the third person first for now to live with us until her sister comes next year. Can you imagine how hard it is to find a stranger house mate? I never imagine it before so when I live with it, I am nuts. It is so damn hard!!! I haven't got anyone until now. So please, whoever know someone who wants to move to city for 1 year only... contact me, ASAP !! ^_^ Ah, female only please.. Sometimes I wish that male tenant is accepted because I got some guys who want to move already.
I don't know what to do,
but I have so many things to do.
I don't know what happen to me,
I have no appetite,
I have no mood,
I am so lazy to do my assignment
and I am always sleepy.
Even I got enough sleep... still...
I feel like I want to do nothing.
Just sleep.... --"

So, what do happen to me?!
Me and my friends visited a new cafe few days ago. The cafe is called cafe vue and it is located in 401 St Kilda Rd. We went there because I saw it in the Internet and the place looked awesome. The fact? The place was awesome but the food and service were not really satisfying.

The story started from me and my friends only want to eat desserts, not main. But, after the waiter knew we only had desserts, they asked us to move to the side table because the middle table was only for people who eat main. At that time, we are just thinking... WTH? I think they shouldn't do that. Because the place was not really crowded as well, they should let us to seat there. Because of that, Tommy was pissed off and lost his good mood. Then, after we tasted the cake, we were more disappointed. The portion was so small,  not worth enough compare to the price. The taste of the cakes were not really nice as well. I ordered chocolate tart and coffee macaroon. The chocolate tart was too sweet and the macaroon was so small (compare to Linds). My friend, Maria ordered pier tart and chocolate macaroon. Dimas ordered espresso ice cream. The ice cream was said 2 scoops, but when it comes... the scoops were so small. hahahahaha.... 

Overall, the place is good. The cake design was excellent but the service and the tastes of the food are poor.  Maybe we should try the main menus next time because the main looked and smelled so delicious.

*Some photos are taken from here
I went to my friends' graduation yesterday. They are Pat, Andrea, Yushi and Jonathan. Quite a lot, huh? Pat and Andrea are my friends for several semester, so I really close with them. Every time I go to someone's graduation, I feel sad. I mean I feel happy for them as well, but sad for me. hahaha... I want to graduate as well. I know I will have my own soon (Amin), but still.... And yesterday is the saddest one because Pat, Andrea and Yushi are usually together with me in class. I even got almost all class with Pat and Andrea before. That is why I feel I want to graduate with them too. It will feel more meaningful if you can graduate together with your closest friends, won't it? Even I know since the beginning that I will not graduate together with them because they went to univ one semester before I went to univ. But, somehow... I still feel joyless. 

During this semester, I often wish that they can be with me in class like we used to be. I miss how we were in class, joked around, sharing and talked bullshit, did assignment together until we had to sleep over in someone's house but ended up playing wii, had lunch together and skipped class together. Arghhhhhhh! I think I am being so pathetic now. Maybe, I also feel sadder because I don't know when I can meet then again together. Pat is not from my country and he will go back for good to his country. So this is the last time I will see him. Moreover, Andrea also struggles with his own business, starting from TR until looking for job. So, yeah... I feel like I am going to lose my best-friends. Now, I know why I love my univ-life so much... because I have and surrounded by such of good friends, even they are really annoying and disturbing sometimes ;p
But, believe me, you will miss that annoying part when you pass it already. I wish they will take Master again with me here.... :(

Anyway, congratulations for all of you, especially for Pat and Andrea. I mean it from the deepest of my heart. hahahaha... (lebay mode: ON). Wish all of you the best in the future :)
Hope we can meet each other again later... When we are adult already... when we are success already or even when we have our own family already ^^

This time will be about photography. I looked at this photographer team a while ago, about last year and I fell in love at the first sight. The company name is Axioo. Their pictures are really nice, they can set nice, cute, funny and exciting scenes. The editing thing is great as well. By the way, the theme of the pictures are about pre-wedding and wedding photos. Every time I looked at their photos, I want to get married straight away so I can get photos like that as well. hahahaha.... So naive ya? You will never know what is behind a marriage. Here are some of the photos that I like... ^^

They are all nice and cute, huh? Love the photos, love the location, love the ideas <3. I wonder how they never run out of ideas. Argghhh... Hope I can use their services when I get married later >.< And... every time I look at these kind of pictures, I want to buy SLR and learn photography. I saw some of my friend's SLR, it's so cool but I realize I am not good in photography. Even it can be learnt, it will be better if we have a talent as well. So I guess I just ask someone to take pictures of me. huahahaha... Betapa narsisnya aku! ;p

You can looked at more photos here.
One thing that I don't like by living in Melbourne... there are so many delicious food here. Arghhh!!
It makes me so desperate. In one side, I love food so I really want to try every food here. But, on the other hand, I am not a type of skinny girl that won't gain any weight if eating too much. I have to control my appetite and my food portion in order to keep my weight normal. *sigh.. I wish I can eat as much as I want without getting fat. Yes, I am so jealous with them who can eat a lot and still get a nice body T-T

I already lost some of my weights when I went back to Indo last time, and I realized as well that the shape of my face was sharp already. Even, many friends of mine said that also. But do you know what? After I got back here in Melbourne, the first two weeks is OK. But, now, after 3months, I don't know why but the shape of my face is changed already. It is not as sharp as before. Hiks... I tried to exercise and keep my portion low, but who can resist such a good food? I show you some yummy food in Melbourne ^^

Western  food:

original recipe chicken from KFC
wicked wing from KFC
*photos taken from kfc.com.au
Jack Daniel's Ribs from TGI Friday's
*photo taken from tgifridays.com.au
Jack Daniel's Sampler from TGI Friday's
Potato Skins from TGI Friday's

Japanese Food:

Kenzan Sushi (tempura onigiri, soft shell crab roll, and I forgot the other name ;p)
Tori Karaage from Kanpai
Teppanyaki Meat from Kanpai
*photos taken from http://www.kanpai.com.au/

Thai Food:

Crispy Skin Pork Salad from Ying Thai
Pad Thai (u can find it in any Thai Restaurant, but I like the one in Thai Safron, Caulfield the most)

Korean Food:

Bulgogi (Korean food)
Yuk Gae Jang
Don't look at the bad appearance, it tastes so good, believe me! hehe... it's basically a beef soup with vegetables and mushroom inside ^^

Chinese Food:

Egg Chiffon from A1
*photo taken from http://xes.cx/?cat=524
Dim Sum (usually I have it in Gold Leaf, and I think it's so good)

Dessert Time:
Egg Tart and Portuguese Tart from Puffy
Puffy (chocolate, custard, mango)
*photos taken from http://www.puffy.net.au/
Chocolate and Milk Tea with Pearl
The Happy Cup one is the best for milk tea :)
Bubble tea here is better than in Indo, I can't find any in Indo that has the same even similar taste like here.

Chocolate Souffle from Max Brenner
Belgian Waffle from Max Brenner

I ate ice cream from Il Dolce Freddo (roche flavor is the most popular one)

Now, see? What I said! I will never be able to get think if I see these kind of food here everyday. hahahaha... In addition, all of my friends like to eat and try every restaurant in Melbourne. Too bad for me! I really love food and dessert. hahaha... There are still many more yummy food in Melbourne. If you come to Melbourne, don't forget to try them >.<