4 more days
can't wait!
wink wink

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Went to Manchester Press last Friday on lunch break.
I actually heard this place a lot from my friends and did a quick research in Urban Spoon.
This place has a very good rating and their coffee has a cute art on it.
The food is quite okay as well, but I think their brekkie menu is better than lunch.

This coffee made my Friday afternoon.

Will go there again some time to get another cute coffee and try their breakfast menu :))

Can't wait to wear it to a party!

Woot woot woot!
I finally got my new Canon G12 camera.
Unfortunately I can't open it yet as I bought it from Duty Free shop and I need to pass the immigration (which ic next week) before I can open and play with it.

Anyway, I decided to buy G12 instead of SX40HS because after I asked some friends who are a bit expert in photography, they suggested me to buy G12 instead as it has better features and settings. hehehe..
Ohh.. and it is cheaper as Duty Free has a big sale for it (almost $300 reduced).
Cool, huh?

*Love the monitor than can be turned around ;))

Specs: Canon G12
Sometimes, I really don't know and can't think of why and how people change so dramatically in a short period of time.
Sometimes, it does not even make sense.
Sometimes, it does not look real as well from eye-point of view.

Oh well...
Finally have time to make this cream puffy yesterday.
Got the recipe from here.

The pastry was perfect but for the filling, I chose Vla Napoleon which there was a bit of technical issue. LOL!
I think I used wrong ingredients for the Whipped Cream.
Also, I read the recipe, it said 5 tbs of rhum. The results were too much, I can smell the alcohol really strong and the taste... omg! hahahaha...

If you like to drink alcohol then you will love this filling for sure.
But for general? I asked one of my friends to try, she said it is eatable and it actually tasted good.
I plan to bring this to Chinese New Year tonight, but I doubt it now.
Will see...

Latest update:

My little sister will come to study here in Monash Uni taking Art major in Languages and stay with me.
At lastttt.... after changing courses and univ so many times.

No more freedom.
Need to be a responsible and good sister... Not?! Lol!
Bikini or No Bikini in Thailand?
I keep saying to myself, 'Come on, it's Phuket!'


*Pics taken from Seafolly and Swimwear Gallore
Ahh... finally after thinking for a long time, I decided to buy Mulberry Bag.
Chose Alexa with the sparkle tweed as the colour looks really good in the website (lol!).
Well, the real item is not bad as well but it looks more shiny than the picture.
But anyway, it is still acceptable and the colour (waders green) is quite unique so I pretty much like it.
I did not choose the brown Alexa with the normal leather type as almost everyone today gets that bag.
Apparently, from the care instruction, sparkle material is quite good and hard enough to be taken care. Hmmm... but which leather is not high maintenance?

So, tadaaa.... will wear this for my Thai trip too! (;

Current plan for 2012:

1. Thai trip on Feb for 1 week.
2. Euro trip on April or May for 2 weeks.
3. Cousin wedding at the end of May.
4. Friend's wedding on Dec and I will be the bridesmaid.

So far so good and so exciting!

I just got back from friend's wedding as well here, in Melbourne.
They are still so young (for me) but you cannot blame if you do love each other and willing to tie the knot asap.
Anyway, congratulations for Niko and Eliz.

Now, my surroundings are getting married.
I said this to someone last night and got response, 'Yes of course, because we are getting older.'

Yeah, right!
I've been shopping a lot lately.
I am wearing one of my finding today.

Black Burnt Out Feather Print Long Sleeve Wrap from Love.
Pardon me for the messy room and bad picture quality.
Oh well, I am planning to buy camera soon so can take picture better and clearer.

Anyway, it's such a comfie dress.
The material is so smooth and silky, I even feel like I don't wear anything. Ups!

I was BORN in the 80's.
We are the last generation who learned to play in the street,
we are the 1st who played video games,
the last to record songs off the radio on cassettes,
the pioneers of Walkman's and chat rooms.
We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else,
play from the Atari to super Nintendo.
We are the generation of the Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Gumby, Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Full House.
Traveled in cars without seat belts or air-bags,
lived without cell-phones.
We did not have flat screens, surround sound, iPods, Facebook, Twitter, computers and the Internet.
But nevertheless we had a GREAT freaking time...

Dear January, 
How's February? 
Please tell March that April said 
May will be coming before June, 
I heard that July is getting married in August.
How about September and her kids? Please send my greetings to October
and tell November that
all my friends who read this will have a wonderful December again!
Have a wonderful 2012! :)