I got hay fever.
Well, I am not sure as well actually because I never get it since I've been here for 4 years.
But, few days ago, started from Saturday actually, I got itchy throat so sudden.... the worst one.
And it became worst on Sunday. I got itchy throat, blocked nose and my eyes feel so tired.
My housemate, Maria told me to get hay fever medicine because they got it as well.
I knew that they got flu but I don't know if it is hay fever.
I didn't really care before about hay fever as I never experience it.

But, I bought the medicine too... at last because Maria said that our body can't produce the immunity to hay fever by itself so we have to take medicine. So, basically hay fever is an allergic to pollen and it is usually spreading on Spring.
The stupidest thing is that remember I got flower from my graduation ceremony? I did keep that flower in my house without considering the effect of it. hahahaha....

No one is aware of that until Maria and his boyfriend, Erick got flu for 1 week and it didn't get better at all.
That's how we get hay fever. Luckily, everyone is getting better now after taking the medicine.
The only problem is my voice is really bad, I think... while my friends said it's funny and cute --"
The worst part is people said, once you get hay fever, you have to take the medicine every year even if you are not actually sick. Hhhhhh!

*funny pic: hay fever hat

pic is taken from here
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