I am craving for iPhone 4 lately... and suddenly.
I am thinking to get it but in fact I am using Blackberry now made me think about it twice.
But, you know what?
Last Sunday, I met my friends in church and they told me they are using Blackberry Services for only $50 for a year. A year... not a month. Can you imagine that? I do need $20/month to activate my BIS at the moment.
Damn! I feel stupid now. hahahaha... But the good thing is that $50 thingy is not available in common stores. Ahhh....

That news is kind of relief and solution for my iPhone craving.
It means I can get iPhone using Cap and still able to use BB as well.
Ohhh... I know I am so greedy but I always get mobile phone for free in the past 4 years so I want to get another one again now... ;p

So guess what I do in the office?
Yup, I am searching for the best and cheapest plan for iPhone and now I get more confused. LOL!
So I ended up text-ing my dad asking whether he can get another free iPhone from bank in my hometown or not. Hahahahahaha....

Did I tell you that my father got iPhone 3Gs and Onyx for free last time and he gave the Onyx to me?
I hope he will get iPhone 4 again this time.
Oh Lord, please forgive me for I have sinned!
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2 Responses
  1. Maria Says:

    ur going for iphone too? wow

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    hahaha... iya pas bgt besok e kw ngmg ma ak kw dpt iphone. tp berhub pas itu ak blm pasti jd blm crta ke sapa2.