Happy Chinese New Year 2011, people...

May this year bring us luck, healthy and better life
Enjoy the day with family or friends :)

This year is rabbit year.. and this year is another year that I spend my CNY in Melbourne without my family.
And this year is the first time I do all the rituals, which are:

1. Buy new (excuse me) underwear which is for more luck in life and love. LOL! I didn't know about this before, my friends told me about this and I confirmed it with my mom and she knows nothing about it but well I still bought it. hahahaha...

2. Buy new clothes for the day which should be red. However, I haven't found any red clothes til now. I am going to shop again this afternoon, and if yes I get one, I need to wear it tonight in dinner time. Fortunately, I have 1 dress that haven't worn before so I am wearing it now (just in case).

3. Me and my housemate did all the cleaning yesterday. Laundry, wipe the floor, wipe my room's floor, change the bed sheet and quilt and everything. We did it yesterday as we are not allowed to do cleaning on Chinese New Year day which is today.

4. Wash our hair the night before the day.

5. Eat fish the day before so we ended up finding a restaurant that serve fish yesterday. It has to be a full fish, not fillet one. Fiuhhh... I guess this is because of eating the whole fish is so hard as you need to be careful not to eat the thorn and this is the point. You have to put effort then you will get the best results (:

6. Cook rice and make sure it is served in the kitchen.

Hmmm... those are pretty much all of them I think. Surprisingly, we were so tired yesterday doing all the cleaning just because we never did it before. hahahaha... Usually, cleaners are the one who do it. The funny part is the cleaners come on Thursday every two weeks which supposed to be today. So guess what we did? We write a note in a paper and put it in front of our apartment's door and also one inside to make sure that they don't clean our apartment today. Remember? No cleaning on the day! Hohohoho....

Well, it's a bit embarrassing if my neighbor look at it but who cares? ;p

Okay, time to go as I am still in the office now. Ciao people and have a blast day!

3 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    ngomong2 chinese new year bukannya makan mie keesokan harinya biar panjang umur?

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    itu bukannya kalau ultah? hahaha

  3. oneeye Says:

    ultah iya, taon baru juga?