Time flies so fast.
Time flies so slow.

I don't even realize that today is July already.
Maybe because I don't really care.
It does not matter whether it's June or July or whatever month.
Many things happened in the few past weeks.
Too many things in my mind.

It is not a good start of the month for me.
Some bad things happened on June.

After all, to be success is not easy.
A lot of effort, a lot of thought, a lot of pressure.
And I haven't even closed to the word 'success'.

Keep praying, hoping and doing.
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  1. Oneeye Says:

    Bukannya bulan lalu baru dapet pr. Koq tiba2 ada masalah. Pikir positif donk. Dibagi2 masalah kamu ke temen2 kamu.