Damn damn damn!

When I was in Indo, I saw a lady wearing this bag in BCA and I couldn't take my eyes off it already.
Then I was wondering what brand it was but that was all about it.

When I was in Singapore, I saw a woman wearing the same bag but different color in the airport.
I (of course) was curious again.

I definitely knew straight away that this bag was something but still had no idea which brand it was.
When I arrived in Melbourne, I tried to find some information about it.
Turned out that one of my friends might know what brand it was when I explained roughly how the bag looked like.

And... it turns out that... it is...

Hermes Garden Party!

Ohhh no no no!

I infrequently like a bag this much and once I like it, why so expensive? --"

Anyway, if I am really going to get one, which color should I get?



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