I have a new hangout place recently: Hospital.

Yup, I've been hanging around there for few days, not for myself but for my sister.
Remember I told you my sister came last week?
Yes! And she has already spent the night in the hospital for 2 nights now.
It's for her appendix, she must do the surgery.
It was a long process to find out what happen.
She was in pain on Monday then we went to hospital and doctor gave her morphine so the pain was gone.
On Tuesday, she was fine but the pain appeared again on Wednesday then we went straight to the hospital again as she kept vomiting and even hard to wake up from the bed.

When we finally saw the doctor, did some test on her tummy and the doc said 'it's definitely her appendix, but we'll get the blood test to make sure'.
Fine! Gave her another pain killer and IV as her blood pressure was really low then waited for 1 hour for the blood test to come out.
We could not identify this on Monday as the pain was gone and when the surgeon pressed her tummy, there was no pain at all. Well, this is why they call appendix is tricky.

So, it was POSITIVE. Obviously, she needed surgery... ASAP as the doc said it was already acute and there was most likely infection in the abdominal so they needed to take out the appendix asap before it got worse.
Well, I was honestly confused and scared. That was like my first time I've been in the hospital for something serious for the whole 5 years of my life in Melbourne.

Anyway, it passed and she is in recovery now.
After the surgery, the doc said 'The appendix is really yucky and infection is everywhere so we need to clean up her abdominal longer'.
I feel like I am in Grey's Anatomy... that moment... that time.... that place... with those doctors and surgeons. Cool!

I hope and I pray that everything will be alright from now on.
No more drama, no more complication, no more side effects, no more infection.
I really pray to God.
My mom is coming here tomorrow to take care of her as well.
I think she really worries about my sister (well, which mother does not?)

Anyway, here some info about Appendicitis.

Appendicitis is acute or subacute process that causes the lumen of the appendix (which is a blind sac) to become obstructed with buildup of pressure and eventual rupture.
The only treatment for this is surgery to remove the appendix before it ruptures and spreads infection to the abdomen.

More details: click here
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