It's been a while again. I've been so so so busy lately.
I feel it's been a long time since I am this busy, even my boyfriend admit that.
It's weird seeing me so busy T-T

Anyway, I've been trying to open my own business.. small one of course... online of course as I haven't got enough money to open a shop/cafe. Even though I wish someday I will be able to... Amin!
Well, it's a macaron shop. Why do I decide to make macarons not other sweet stuffs? Cos I think there is not much good macarons in Indo. It's not that I am that 100% confident that mine is perfect and taste heavenly but I am trying to offer the good one :)

I have made it for a week and it's getting better and better. Still not as perfect as the one in Melbourne but okayyy lahhhh..... Remember last time I was frustrated because my mom's oven is so small and unstable? Eh, did I post about it before or not yet? Oh well, anyway.. yes, my mom's even is a bit moody and made me suffered in the 1st week. I did a lot of trial and error and everything was just not right. But finally I get it, now I can do it perfectly with that small oven. hehehe...

Yes, I am planning to buy an oven. Gas oven. I know electric oven is more stable and the results is smoother. But in Indonesia, where electricity is so so expensive (considered by Indonesian) and where the electricity itself is unstable, it makes the temperature goes up and down whatever it likes (you actually need stabilizer for this), so my mom and I decided to use gas oven instead. The gas oven itself is cheaper. Wow! So gas it is!

Wish me luck and hope everything will run smoothly! Ciao!

how pretty it is!

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  1. wah akhire ga jadi move ke jkt, cia? Jadine koe d solo terus dong nih.. hehe success!!