Hi again... finally have time to blog. 
Well, business is a bit slow lately, wonder what happen but I am still hoping for the best later on.
Anyway, I've been browsing a lot as I have spare time and my urge for bags is back. Hahaha... It's actually such a pain laugh for me cos it's no way I am gonna buy a bag again in the next few months.

Love love love these bags below. Gucci made such an appearance by changing its style to be more elegant and classic. I think removing their 'too-much' logo is a really good step and going with simpler style (tote) is a smart start as well to get more market. I admit this tote is beautiful and how I love the soft pink colour!

Bucket bag is in trend again apparently. These one below is from US Designer which I cannot remember the name. I got this from Purseblog so you can try to check it out.

Third bag that catching my eyes is mini Givenchy Antigona. Whatttt??!!! Why didn't they produce it when I was about to buy? NO! I didn't say that I regret buying my small Antigona, but the mini one is sooooo damn cute.. and they come with the long strap. Double damn!

But nothing beats mini Fendi 2jours for now... and maybe Chanel Classic Flap Bag? Ups!

I guess I need to stop before I'm getting more crazy. Bye now!