I just got shocked because of one of my friends.
He is actually my ex's friend as well.

I asked him a question about my ex right after when we broke up because I hope I can get any information from him. And the fact is he got it but he didn't want to tell me.
He said that the reason is if he told me the situation can be changed, better or worse.
Moreover, he consider that it is kind of privacy to keep that from me.
But, he asked me to ask him again when the situation already calms down.. like few more days later.
So I asked him just now which is 1 more week later and he finally told me...

He said that when he asked my ex about his feeling,
my ex said that 'dia masih sayang aku sebenarnya'.
My friend looks so afraid because of he told me that.
He even messaged me after that telling why he didn't want to tell me in the very beginning.
He also asked me not to tell my ex that he said it to me.

Should I happy?
Should I believe that?
Is that true?
Because that is the opposite words from my ex told me.
Dia bilang ke aku waktu kita putus kalau dia mungkin udah gak sayang aku lagi.
Or.. is that just a reason to break up easier?
I'm so confused now.
I want to believe that what my friend said about him was true.
But, I see the fact not like that...
I saw that he is enjoying his days so much.
I felt like he got his freedom back and thanked for it.
Is his feeling not matter for him?
Did he think that the situation and condition around are more important than our feelings? huhuhu...
I wish I can ask this question to him.

arghhh... now I really regret why I said yes so quick that time!
Yeah.. now, it is too late! Nothing can happen anymore even that words were true.
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