I don't feel wanna go home tomorrow.
I don't feel want to pack my things.
Three and a half months feel so long now.


Because I feel that I will be so lonely there.
Feel I will remember 'it' every time I'm alone.
I just want to stay here with my friends,
doing many activities together,
laughing together,
and when I feel sad, I know there is someone beside me,
so I won't feel alone.

I know my family and friends there are waiting for me as well,
I just feel doesn't want to go there.

Maybe it reminds me to 'that' memories.
Memories that used to make me happy.
I got a worth experience from it,
learnt something from it,
and it made me maturer and tougher now.

even it had been made me sad and cry.
I still want to keep that memories.
Deep inside my heart and my mind.
For future... for learning... for me...
Because it's precious.

But, now...
Trying not to think about that first.
Life must go on!
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