Long time not blogging.. hehe..
I was so busy this week.
Have so many activities and works to do. Hahaha.. Sounds so snuffy ;p

For me, there are many advantages by having many things to do. But still, there is something.. not nice? like very tired and sometimes it makes you confused. haha..

So, first thing.. I joined a small cake making course. hmm.. Maybe you who know me will say "What the hell? You?" hahahahaha... But I did. I started last Tuesday and finished just today :)
It was so interesting. So fun... and so tired as well. We were taught to make many kinds of cake, starting from pound cake, sponge cake and chiffon cake. I'll explain about it in another post. hehe.. Cos it's too long ;p

Second thing, I went to dentist last Wednesday to do whitening. haha..
The doctor said it only takes 1hour, but it is actually 3 hours for me --"
And you know what should I do? Yes, I only need to sit in the chair but then I felt like my mouth is cracked. fiuhhh... I don't know why I always feel scared whenever I go to the dentist, since I was child. Lucky I don't need to go to the dentist often. hehehe... OK, back! Yeah, so after sitting in 'that' chair, I start to say to myself "Relax.. it won't be hurt!"

It is not hurt actually, but when that thing is put in my mouth... Oh my God! I feel so uncomfortable, hurt, and ugly. huahahaha.. I know you are confused what is 'that' thing. But, I don't even know the name. It is a thing to make you mouth stay open, and it will show all your teeth. And I have to wear it for 3 hours. swt... I felt can't move and feel my mouth after that. Then, it's not finished yet... There were so many devices that got into my mouth. I didn't know what their function one by one, but I knew one for sure that was used to absorb your saliva. hahaha... Not hurt.. but can you imagine if many unknown medicine utensils come into your mouth?? Even it is not hurt, I will still feel scared. The worst thing was when the protector for my gum was gone already, I felt agony in my gum and in my teeth. I really want to take all the tools out and run away from there. huhuhu... And I can't eat anything that has colour in it, like rawon, soto, chili, tea, coffee, chocolate, etc for 24 hours. Basically, I was just allowed to eat rice and white bread and water. haha... So sad...
But, everything needs sacfrice. Thanks God I can hold until it ended.

In my 20years life, this is the first time I went to dentist that I can really feel and remember it. Last time I went to dentist is when I was 7 or 8 years old, can't even remember it exactly. Now, I hope I won't go to dentist anymore. But, I don't think that is possible because I just know that we need to go to dentist at least once in 6 months to clean all the tartar. Fiuhh.. too bad! Still long time to go tough. haha.. The most important I got what I want and I can still enjoy any type of food now ^^

Eits.. not finished yet.
Third one, I have an online shop selling clothes, bags and accessories. hehe.. Just started when I was in Indo cos I thought I will have nothing to in 3 months so I decided to make an online shop in facebook :)
The goods are from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Thanks God again it is going well. Many customer attracted. hehe.. But, that makes my day become busier. I have to online often to check is there any comment or request, etc. It's nice tough because I like it. hehe..

Last one, I still have to do my diet because I still need to reduce 5 more kg to become slim. huhuhu... So I need to exercise at least once in a day, like treadmill or swimming. Sometimes, I think when that day will come? The day when I don't need to do more diet. hahahha.... So those reasons make my week so busy, good enough to make me stop blogging for a while huh? hehehe...
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