Remember the Oroton wallet that I really want before?
I got it, as a present from my best friend.
She said it's for graduation, birthday and celebration gift as I lost my wallet too.
Arghhh... I am so happy. Have it for a while already but still so happy ^^
Thanks a lot, dear. Muach2...

Nothing much happen though recently.
Still go to work everyday but not too busy compared to few weeks ago.
Well, it's good for us so we have chance to talk and laugh more in the office.
Had Xmas Party with colleagues as well last time and birthday party tomorrow, but I don't think I will go cos most of my colleagues are not going :(

Many of my friends went back to Indo already for holiday.
Melbourne is so quiet for me now T-T
Anyway, some of my friends got job lately, think it was early Christmas present from Santa (:

My parents and my sister are coming to Melbourne soon for Christmas and New Year holiday.
Hmmm.... might not meet my friends for around 10 days, but we'll see.
I should enjoy my freedom first before all of those thingy schedules comes. hahahaha....

I guess it's a long update.
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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    it is a long update. how nice that you have your family around on holidays. enjoy