Well, maybe I imagine too far.
Maybe I dream too much.
Maybe I read too many novels.
Maybe I watch too many movies.
Maybe I am living in a fairytale world.

But, sometimes... I want to experience some random things that can be happened in this real world.
Random things that start something as well as random things that are started from something.
Like what??
Random things, like a gift can sometimes be a start point of your career-life.
Like someone that you meet in lift can become your partner in life.
Like camera, music, movies can really mean something for your life.
Like meeting a person who can greatly affect your life.
Can those things really happen in life?
Not only by imagining in my dream world.
Not only by seeing it in the movies.
Not only in my thought after I read novels.

Maybe I am referring to coincidence not randomness.
I want to feel it.
To feel the challenge.
To feel the happiness of it.
To feel the joy.
To feel the beat of your heart because of it.
To feel the excitement.

I think my imagination is obsessing and controlling me too much. hahahaha...
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