My mom starts to run her hobby again.
She just got back from Singapore and bought a new oven from there.
Hence, recently, she bakes and starts to cook again....
Believe me, this time, she bakes or cooks almost every day.
Not only on the weekend but on the weekdays also.
I wonder how she can do that cos in fact she was always busy with her work previously.
She was always in front of computer, doing work before.
But now? Can even bake on weekdays? Not tired anymore after coming back from work? Hmmmm....

Even few days ago, I called her after few weeks we haven't talked and I expected that she would be excited when I called.

It turned out that my dad answered the phone and said that my mom was in the kitchen and will call me back instead. Few minutes later, she called me, I thought she finished with the baking cos my dad told me before it was in finishing process already.

But, guess what?
She called me... talked to me few minutes... when I was about to tell my stories for several weeks... she said to me 'I can only talk for a while cos I need to go back to the kitchen.'


I asked straight away 'But I thought dad said it's finished already'.
Her: 'Finish 1 part, need to do others. hehehe... Sorry ya... ttyl. Bye.'
Me: no comment

I was pissed off that time, but after a while I am thinking that well maybe it's a good thing also.
Cos I never see her so excited before doing something, so if this baking and cooking thing can make her happy... yahhh, I will sacrifice my 'ngobrol-time' with her to allow her doing her hobby.

Happy baking, Mom! ^^
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  1. oneeye Says:

    however busy people are, they still have time to do their hobby if they really want to