Have you ever experienced that you hate the guilty feeling because of someone; hence you choose to avoid and not really got involved with her/him?

I do!
Especially when you do not expect or know anything and suddenly... bam!
Everything is just like your fault and if it turns out that you really take part on the mistake happened, you like it or not you need to admit it.
A case when you know that he/she will be mad at you or at least pissed off for a while but they don't say it in front of you (which is worst). And you know it's not (really) all of your fault and even you can just forget or don't care about it, in fact you will think about it as you know exactly what kind of person he/she is. When everyone said to you to not to think about it as it's not really your problem and when they said to you to try not too afraid of her/him just because he/she is easy to mad.

And I really hate that feeling!
I don't know what exactly I am afraid of but I hate being compared.
I hate feeling guilty.
I hate to be too care or I can say afraid instead of caring?!
I hate to always compete with her/him.
I hate when even I do or wear or buy or whatever something accidentally and not in purpose, it is similar with her/him.

So, instead of I am being compared or I compare myself to her/him,
instead of I feel guilty because he/she thinks that I might try to be like him/her, I start to avoid him/her.
I start to put distance and start not to too get involved.

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