We happened to go to rafting last week after it got cancelled few times.
We rented a big car which contained 6 people and drove for app. 3 and a half hours to go there.
The worst part was we had to be there at 9.45am so we need to go at 5.30am - 6am on Sunday Morning.
Lazy and sleepy!

Anyway, we made it on time.
The rafting was so fun!
It was surely such an experience in a lifetime.
The weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot) even the water was so cold, the wet suit and jacket were so smelly, the people were kind and helpful and the food (man salad) was fine for people who were starving. PERFECTO!

I really want to do it again but can't stand if I need to drive for 7 hours return T-T
Ahh, in fact that we bought it for $69 only while the original price is $200 is so worth.

It looks like the picture below, we don't have any picture in the water as we don't even think about getting a waterproof camera. We're too excited already! hahahahaa...

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  1. ivan89 Says:

    You were sleeping the whole journey!!!! LOL