A friend told me, 'If you really move on from the past, from the bad things happened or from the person you used to love, God will know and you will find and will get something or someone better. For sure...'

and I am here... trapped in the past.
So, what should I do so I can move on?

Maybe my friend is right. What she said is all makes sense.
Until now, I always think that if I get something or someone to fill or replace the past first then I will be able to forget and move on.
But, it won't be fair... for them or for myself because I just use them as a rebound.

Usually people cannot move on because the feeling is still there... in the heart.
But my case, I have erased most of them from my heart.
It's my head... the problem. My mind!
Maybe it's too many memories but maybe I am wrong.
Maybe I still have the feeling in my heart? Maybe somehow I still put a hope on it? Maybe I am still not willing to let it go?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Everything happened for a reason, we might not understand it yet but we will when the time comes.

    Somesaid, if you love someone, let him go. If he comes back then he's yours, but if he doesn't then he's not yours in the first place.

    Someday you will definitely find the right one, either he's the guy you thought you will end up with or God will send you a guy that is more suitable for you.

    by then you will understand why...