Another friend of mine, best friend... go back for good today.
Feel so sad... and sick at the same time.
Got fever, flu and sore-throat since few days ago.

Never like farewell, but this time is even 1000x worse.
It's true that you won't feel lost until he/she is really gone.
I was fine this morning when she went out through my apartment door,
but minutes later in my room... I couldn't stand my tears and sadness.

Even we know that we're gonna meet again soon this year, but it's still not the same.
Fiuhh... guess everyone always face this kind of issue.
And if this is the best way for her to be success then I should support her, shouldn't I?
Anyway, all the best woman! Find your pathway, start your journey and keep up the good work!
I'll see you soon enough....


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