Finally I make my coffee macaron after last time I made it, it was totally failed.
I found out that even I am using almond meal and icing sugar, I need to grind it again to make it perfectly smooth.
So I use blender as I don't have any food processor at the moment.
I blend the icing sugar, almond meal and also the instant coffee powder.

There was also an accident when making this.
The first batch, it fell to the ground when I tried to move around the pan to get it even.
I almost cry because the macarons are pretty, feet are perfect and skins are so smooth. 
Anyway, accident is accident, it can't go back so I need to let it go
Lucky I still have the second batch but not much.


120 gr almond meal
120 gr icing sugar
120 gr caster sugar (divided into 2 portions)
2 tbsp instant coffee powder
100 gr eggs

Filling - Coffee Chocolate Ganache:

100 ml heavy cream
2-3 tbsp instant coffee powder
120 gr dark chocolate
25 gr unsalted butter

Directions: refer to the original recipe I use

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