Hmmm... I become curious of this brand.

I am using its Oxygen mask for face at the moment and it's not bad.
Then I surf the Internet and found a lot of good review for this brand.
Then.... I just realised that I bought a nail polish from Lioele as well when I was in Singapore and I have just used it.

Guess what? I love it.
Love the colour, love the texture, love the brush.
Most importantly, the price is affordable not like OPI which way too expensive in normal retail shop.

Apparently it's Korean brand (no wonder) as you can see Korean girls? hmmm... pretty pretty.

So here it is, example of the nail polish.
It should be a matte polish but I don't really like matte so I decided to just put normal top coat on the top :) 
Results are way way better.

It's series M90, sorry the name is in Korean.

More about Lioele, click here

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