Tomorrow is officially a week that I've been in Indo for my holiday.
Been practically doing nothing everyday except going with my family,
sometimes with friends,
going to gym,
doing some stuffs that need to be done.
And I can say... I am so bored!
One week... and feel like I have enough.

Now, I am thinking if I really do resign when I arrive back in Melbourne,
then what do I do?
Doing nothing for few months?
I guess I am gonna die.

I feel like I am in midlife crisis, oh wait maybe quarter-life crisis as I am not even 25 yet.

Trying to find something on my own for my future.
Seeking for the right opportunity.
Deciding what exactly I want to do,
what to do first, where to settle and when the exact time is.
Geez! Life is hard, earning money for a living is even harder.

While I am thinking about all of this,
where I am in Indo,
my mood swings a lot.
I feel like it's too homey.
Feels like doing nothing for my life, just relax.
All of the plans are just plans.
I do nothing with it, don't even discuss it with my dad.
Dohhh!! Ironic! Crazy me!

Am I really ready to quit my current job and do nothing for few months?
Oh God...

2 Responses
  1. km mo quit ta cia? terus mo ngapaen plan e emang?

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    for good rosone cik.. tp dak lgsg sih.
    hahaha.. pie? ad kenalan kerjaan buat ak d sg po cik?