Well well well... Time to start baking again!

First time baking in this new year and first time baking in this new apartment.
Trying my new oven, and the result is not too bad but need a lot of settings at first tho.

I baked New York Cheesecake for my colleagues and will bring it tomorrow on Val's Day.
Why cheesecake? Cos they said they love my NY Cheesecake that much. So honoured!

Anyway, I use my usual recipe but this time I decided to put and follow the topping which is just a mixture of 1 cup sour cream, 2 tbsp caster sugar and 2tsp lemon juice.

I took a bite of the cake just to taste and I feel it's too sour-y. Hmmm...
Maybe it's too much of sour cream and lemon....
I hope inside will taste fine from the sugar mix. 
I am happy with the look tho, I learn something here.
The topping actually makes the top edge does not look burnt as my previous cheesecake, but the taste? Still, I wonder why my very 1st cake in every new recipe always taste better. Sighhhh!
When it comes to baking, I bake into perfection so I am not that happy this time.
Need to edit my recipe then.... 

I am thinking to add something on the top so that it gives the sweet taste and make it not too sour-y but poor me my fridge is just empty at the moment :(

Anw, hope my colleagues will like it!

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