My new year's resolution (hohohoho...) :

  1. Diet! haha.. back to normal weight which is 5kg more. fiuhh..
  2. Completely move on! Forget the past ^^
  3. Be better in school. My aim is getting at least 1 HD this semester and no more C so I can graduate with distinction =)
  4. Find a part time job
  5. Take ielts test and pass it with good mark then apply for PR and (maybe) take master as well.
  6. Get a boyfriend and have a serious relationship :p
  7. Go to Europe ( I wish this time will happen). hihihi...
Wish me luck !! ^.^
4 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    number 1, everybody says that but still gain weight at the end of year. number 2, quite hard. number 3,4,5,6, hard but achivable. number 7, holiday round europe?

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    semoga.. hehe...

  3. cia cia cia cia Says:

    gagal pertamaxxxx

  4. oneeye Says:

    baru juga bulan pertama, santai aja