Me at my hometown, Solo atm.
I arrived last night in Jakarta then continue my trip to Solo.
You know what happened in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International airport while I am in transit.

Let me tell you.

So, the story begins after I checked in everything, found some food then went to the domestic terminal gate which is it's like from the corner to the corner of the airport building.
Then the girl in the date told me that I need to go back to the lost and found place where I checked in my luggage before because there was a problem with my luggage.
I asked the lady what the problem and she said 'u better go there directly and they will tell you what the problem is'.


Before I made my way, I wanted to make sure the place so I asked them again where exactly this lost and found place is. They told me twice that it's the same place where I did check-in for the luggage from international flight before.

So, I went there and tadaaaaa the guy there still remembered me and was confused why I came back.
He nicely asked 'is there something that you forget here? Did you leave some things?'
And I clearly smelled problems.
I answered 'the girl in the gate told me to come back here because there is some problems with my luggage'.
But guess what? No one there called them about my luggage and they didn't even know there was a problem with my luggage so they told me to go back to the gate and complaint to them.
YES! They actually told me to complain to the gate people.

I came back and I followed the order. I was so annoyed and tired so I raised my voice asking for clearness  and the girl could not answer me who called her before and where exactly that lost and found place.

Ohhh btw, I asked 2 airport staffs on the way to the transit place and asked where the hell lost and found place is and they gave me confused face and said 'lost and found? ermmmm.. what kind lost and found?'

What the?!

Then after I got mad they started to call the security guys who they said called them earlier.
And the girl didn't even bother to speak to them, they gave the phone to me directly. So unprofessional!
So I told them that I went to the place I checked my luggage in before and they said nothing happened.
They even said if something was wrong with the luggage, they should return it there but my luggage was not returned so they assumed there was nothing wrong.
I also told them that the guys in the transit place tried to call the domestic gate which my flight should be boarding from and there was no answer.

Finally, they insisted me to come back there and one of the guys in the gate will guide me.
Then it turned out that the place was called Baggage Service which is close to that Transit place but it was in the corner and you know what?
If you came from the other way which is my way (from domestic terminal), there was no sign saying there is a baggage service dept there.
You know what the sign they put in? 'Executive Class Baggage Collection'

How the hell should I know if there was a LOST and FOUND place in the executive class baggage collection?!!! STUPID!

As I was really annoyed, I told that girl who I spoke to on the phone 'Can you just please make sure you tell the exact correct name for the place next time? You said lost and found and the girl in the gate told me it was the transit place that I checked my luggage in. I didn't do check-in here and this place is not even called Lost and Found. ohhh... and I asked 2 guys otw to confirm where the lost n found is and they did not know.'

Guess what her answer?

'lohhh... here, look at the sign. It said lost and found.' while pointing at the sign above my head in that creepy dark corner. And it said 'Baggage Service'.

I said again, 'Where? There is no word called Lost n Found there and there is no even sign for Lost and Found from the domestic terminal. And you know what the only sign I can see? There! It is called Executive Class Baggage Collection!' while I was pointing at that stupid big board hanging on the roof which all people can see.

She said, 'But here it said Baggage Service.' she still insisted and pointing at that board above my head.

I really want to smash her and said 'If you don't understand English properly, just shut-up. You know what lost and found means? Lost means hilang, found means ditemukan in Indonesian language. While baggage service? You know what it means in Indo, it means pelayanan bagasi. So how the hell you can say Baggage Service is the same as Lost and Found?!'


Not over yet.
The problem was my bag zipper broken and I need to wrap it if I want this to be on the flight.
Fine, I will do it by paying IDR 35.000.
One guy said I can go back to the boarding gate while they do it for me but the other guy said that I need to come because they will need my boarding pass.
So in the end I came with them to that wrapping place.
You know where it was? It was upstairs in the international departure gate.
There is no direct way from that stupid baggage service place to that international dept gate straight away so I will need to go out from the international arrival gate, go upstairs by lift in the international terminal because the lifts in domestic broken... then need to queue to enter the departure gate (where bunches people there queuing) and also queue to scan the baggage again then go back to domestic terminal to make sure my luggage can go on board and then go to the boarding gate.

One word: OMG!

This incident is just making me believe that Jakarta Airport sucks, period!
And convince me more not to go back to Indo for good.
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