Remember the blue shoes I posted few months ago?
I did not get it on time even I had ordered it 2 months before the wedding day.
I was so annoyed and mad as I really love it and I specially ordered this for my cousin's wedding as the theme is blue.

So, can you imagine how disappointed I am?

Stupid part is I have paid full price and I don't think they will refund it to me if I want to cancel the order as it has actually done but just not ready yet.

2 months... please... they said they need 4-6 weeks to make the shoes. grrrrr!!
I will never order with them again. Never ever!

Therefore, yesterday, 1 day before the wedding, I need to find another shoe as I don't bring any black or blue shoes at all to match with my dress. grrrrr...!! I am still so pissed if I think about it.

Luckily I found a pair in Bellagio, not too expensive too and nice model.
Besides, it has a slight of blue line in the platform. Perfect for today, esp in this urgent condition.


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