Just finished making klepon (Indonesian snack/cake made from rice flour, filled with palm sugar and sprinkled with coconut).

Mine is not bad for first trial, just the size of the cake is not the same and some have a lot of sugar, some don't :p

Will make it again later and sure will be more yummy!!

I use recipe from here but modified a bit.


250gr rice flour
160ml warm water
1/2 tea spoon pandan essence (or depend on how green you want the cake to be, you can put more or less)
150gr palm sugar
150gr sprinkled coconut

How to make:

Mix warm water with pandan essence, stir until mixed.
Put the water to the flour little by little and don't stop stirring until it mixed well.
Take some of the dough, make like a ball, put some palm sugar and make it to a ball again.
Cook it to the boiled water and wait until it is floating.
Take out from the pan, put it in the sprinkled coconut and mix well.

Easy right? Good luck! ^^
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