Today is my last day in Indo, my holiday is almost over, I will be flying back to Melbourne tomorrow night.
Fiuhhh... I actually can't wait. It's been too long that I leave this beautiful city.
I really miss living there already, even I feel bored lately but living in my hometown doing nothing and with not so many friends is even more boring.

I miss my colleagues but I don't miss the job :(
I will arrive on Saturday morning and will be back to work on Monday.
I surely need to adapt my sleeping time again back to normal working hours... and specially in this cold winter weather.

I am packing my luggage at the moment and it is overloading. Aaaaaaaa!
I can't even bring some of my heels and need to leave it for now, and still... need to buy mandarin cake for present tomorrow. Oh God, I hope it's not overweight.
Lucky I will be back again on December so can bring the rest later. haa haa


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