Hoahhh... I am super tired and sleepy atm.
Just got back from Singapore this morning after spending my 5 days there.
It was so fun cos I was totally alone without my parents there.
Well, u know what I mean right? Means freedom, meet a lot of friends, hang out til midnight, slept until noon.
It was what I call real holiday :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pic by myself as it was too hot and I didn't bring my camera cos I don't think I need it.
I planned to take pics with my iPhone but it ended as just a plan.
My friend took a pic when we ate in Crystal Jade though, so that's the only pic I have in Singapore. lol!

Anyway, it was super fun to reunite with old friends and also new friend ;p
And it is GSS 2012 so you know how crowded the shopping centres are and how many 'Sale' word across the country ;p

I went to do manicure with my friend in Far East Plaza for 25 bucks cos I really can't stand my nails. So ugly!
But it's actually not bad at all, huh?
The polish is OPI H17 Infatuation which has been discontinued.
In fact, I really love the color and been trying to find it in every OPI stores I passed but couldn't find any.

clearer pic for the color

pic from here

 I also went to Haji Lane on Sunday with my cousin and bought this vintage ring <3

Ciao for now :)
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