I am seeing this Master Chef Season 4 Episode 14 about the Pressure Test.
The 3 candidates need to make Peter Gilmore's Signature Eight-Texture Chocolate Cake.
Geez! I am watching it, I am saliva-ing, I am amazed, I am shocked, I want to eat it and I want to make it (but forget the last one).

It is so cool!! So awesome!
Like what he said in Master Chef episode:

"It was 7 main elements and there is one more, the 8th texture... the hot chocolate ganache to be served in the front of the guest as the key. When we put the ganache on the center of the cake, we went, and waited a little while... some magical happens."

God! Look so yummy!

Please do look at the pic, the video in youtube and the full video on how to make it in Master chef.

*pic from: Masterchef

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